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Who is waiting for a harness from Loyde Rascoe at Fastfieros? 487
My Fiero Is Going........( Better Car Acquired ) 1050
The narrative that the Capitol protest was a “deadly insurrection” is falling apart 1092
Bob Saget. Had Covid19, dead of blunt head trauma, found peacefully lying bed. 16
Thanks America ! 8
The legacy of biden grows,....down 94
Trump Protestors Storm Capitol; Armed Standoff at House Floor 206
Below the surface of news headlines, the (mostly) white-skinned militia-style threat. 26
Global climate change fires? 38
Being right is difficult... 21
Tony Carnage 13
You don't think they're in the states living among us.Right here in Willygoats backya 39
Shootings... 83
Seen what people are doing to 20's? 73
Name calling.... 112
'Party Animus'... MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell calls Trump tweet an Impeachable Offense 26
Of Politics & Forums? 17
Local Fiero for sale... Mine? 16
Montana Republican candidate body slams reporter 77
None of the Usual Liberals...nothing to say? 158
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