Montana Republican candidate body slams reporter (Page 1/8)
Threedog MAY 25, 07:35 AM
Fox news

And the great part? The campaign is openly lying about it. There were multiple witnesses who disagreed with the account they released, but they are just lying saying it was both of their faults..
E.Furgal MAY 25, 07:44 AM
Yawn.. maybe if the reporter didn't badger him.. like a heckler ...
But like always that is ok..

olejoedad MAY 25, 07:52 AM
What, no video?
That would be icing on the cake!

I wonder if the Guardian reporter will have a bit more restraint in his approach to interviews in the future?

Do you suppose the candidate used to be a wrestler?
blackrams MAY 25, 08:29 AM

Being responsible for what one does, says and writes. What an interesting concept. This might get him elected.

Not suggesting the candidate was right but, I'd like to know what he was reacting to. My understanding is that he was or is a sheriff running for an open House of Rep. seat.

If elected, I hope he meets Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi up close and personal.


Isn't it strange that after a bombing, everyone blames the bomber, his upbringing, his environment, his culture, his mental state but …
after a shooting, the problem is the gun....
Open your frigg'n minds, think about all the other tools that can be made into WMDs.

I sincerely hope that life is never discovered on another planet because, sure as hell Progressives and Socialists will want to send them money.

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Tony Kania MAY 25, 11:17 AM
I would rather have a republican that body slams stupidity, than a democrat that gets arrested for touching others in a mens room, posting selfies of his dick to a 15 year old, or any other of the lurid tactics they use to walk through life. There is sickness on both sides of the isle, but you ****ing democrats are a new kind of low.

williegoat MAY 25, 11:21 AM

Originally posted by blackrams:
If elected, I hope he meets Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi up close and personal.

Stubby79 MAY 25, 11:27 AM

Montana Republican candidate body slams reporter

I'm OK with this.
2.5 MAY 25, 11:35 AM
Here is a video of msnbc playing audio, whith an unknown amount of audio leading up to it that is not played, for your enjoyment. Plus msnbc leading people to conclusions.

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Tony Kania MAY 25, 11:56 AM

Originally posted by 2.5:

Here is a video of msnbc playing audio, ...

I have listened to the audio. Why is even the audio of the reporters interview in the hospital so garbled? Everything connected to this pertaining to the reporter and the Guardian is garbled and hard to listen to.

Then MSNBC gives acres of fluff to indiscernible audio? Bravo.

@ Threedog, the OP... How are those Chicago murders coming along? On track to break records yet again I am reading.

Sorry for your extreme hatred for everything republican. But, when a child grows up in a very nice house, in a very nice neighborhood, affluent even, then they may be a bit jaded to reality. I am never sorry for the opportunities that you have and I did not. I am only annoyed with your self anointing syndrome. Your opportunities in life came due to the status of your parents. Not all of us have free Fiero storage, or even food as a child. But, you of all people, feel that I am the enemy? That is why I cannot apologize to you and your lack of knowledge. Oh, it will come to you in time, but you are still having your Mother wash your clothes. You cannot tell me differently. When you come home to your room that you grew up in as a boy, and she cooks those wonderful meals for you for free, and then she washes a load or two of your clothes while you visit, it must be real nice feeling opportunity.

I am going to say it here, and not your Mall thread... You are selling junk. You are advertising fair prices, but you are selling discarded waste. You feel that you are doing the Fiero community a service. I see that you are attempting to sell a lot of parts out of your parents garage that are worn to pizz. Good luck on the mostly fair pricing, but junk non the less. You are not stemmed in reality.

Nail meet head.

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cliffw MAY 25, 11:58 AM

Originally posted by Stubby79:
I'm OK with this.

"Montana Republican candidate body slams reporter".

Down here in Texas, we believe in the 1st Amendment US Constitutional right.

I have the right to remain silent.

If you want to deny me, I believe in the 2nd Amendment right. A body slam is a bipartisan compromise.