Being right is difficult... (Page 1/3)
Tony Kania MAR 01, 10:53 AM
... when the left use the Police as a weapon.

Going to poke the (polar) bear...

Where are my name calling, left leaning, soy boys at? Holla! Come on people, leg to stand on? You can call US racist, then just squirm away? Nah, I want to play. Can little Chris come out to play? Dobey? What about Patrick, Newf, or Rinselberg? Furgal? Wanna play? Any of you basement dwellers care to fess up?

Pizz off lefties. Zero left for you. A final straw was pulled, and you should have left well enough alone, but no, you had to go outside of this forum, again, and caused harm to me and my family. Send the Police to my home at 3am?

DOXX away. It is my turn...

Furgal posted the information of my old company up on another forum. From address, to phone numbers, he did a mild DOXXing on Thursday. I am still here. I did not move an inch. Eric Fallon/Marcus Furgal is my first pick for the phone call to the Police. He even gets off of his night job about the time the Police showed up here in Spokane. Unless there is (hic) a leftie that wants to step forward. You know, come out of their parents collective basement? This is like what, three or four times that a similar thing has happened to this household. Even to include a bomb squad. I make friends with law enforcement quite easily. We laugh, but other people would not take it like I do.

Tony Kania
MidEngineManiac MAR 01, 11:39 AM

You haven't doxxed anybody until you have put a man in a psyc ward, cost a VP a job and turned a major company into a mom-and-pop shop begging for business on Kijiji.

Kinda thinking their feeewwwiiinnngggsss are the least of their problems now.

Calling the cops over feelings? That's grade-school stuff.

Lefties want to play? I'll play. Boy will I play.
Tony Kania MAR 01, 11:47 AM
I have never gone beyond the walls of this forum. Never.

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Fats MAR 01, 12:19 PM
I don't think of myself as sue happy, but I'd really enjoy seeing some way to actually go after people like this and teach them a real lesson.

On the other hand, I like ya, but I've seen you do similar to other members on here, calling them by their first and last name etc. when they repeatedly tell you not to. It gives ammo to the doxxer crowd. Even if you don't get along with a member, we should all have a set of standards we follow.

One doesn't make the other right or wrong, please don't hate me for saying it.

Tony Kania MAR 01, 12:45 PM
Tony Kania

If I call a person by their name, I am morally OK with that. This avatar hiding shat does little for me.

Hold on, let me produce some information of a few of our left leaning members. Give me a minute, and let me know how you feel about that move?

Nobody knocks on my door. They just lie and use resources paid for by others. Democrats?

I do not see me here much longer. Not much longer at all.

MidEngineManiac MAR 01, 01:17 PM
Ya know, I'll bet if we brought back dueling there would be a whole lot less crying about feelings and telling others what they can and can't say or have.
Cliff Pennock MAR 01, 04:33 PM
Not entirely sure what's going on here (since I don't keep track of the feuds), but I'm pretty sure this will not turn into a very productive discussion of some sorts. So I'm moving this out of TO/T.

And to stay ahead of the remarks: no, this is nothing personal. I was given a heads up through PM about a potential volatile thread. And yes, I'm pretty sure there are many other threads that do not belong in TO/T either so if anyone feels there are more threads that deserve the same treatment, please report the thread to me either through a PM or by clicking the "Report Post" button. I prefer PM btw.
Tony Kania MAR 01, 05:22 PM
Feel free to erase it. Not your fault. You have gone above and beyond lately for this forum, and I respect that.

There are surely many other threads to hit up. You should not waste your time though. Just my opinion.

LitebulbwithaFiero MAR 02, 09:07 AM
Tony, do you need a cry closet?

Seems a member of this forum is always advertising his services to build them.
Tony Kania MAR 02, 10:06 AM
No, just for losers to stop calling the Police for a DV, when there is no domestic violence happening.

Just that. Nothing more.

Honestly, would you like it if the Police were pounding on your door at 3am?

Did I cause this?

Was I the one who called in an illegal Police report due to a political standing?

There is a really nice driven 1987 Fiero GT for sale in the Mall. Wanna get rid of me, buy it.

Again, E.Furgal DOXXED me in another forum on Thursday, and the Police were called shortly after. Another member here posted up information about my home address, which a child lives. Not to mention the bomb squad at my door in the past?

Still rooted in place...