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Dude16 JUL 17, 01:06 AM
well I used my Fiero as a $2000 dollar down payment on my new CHERRY RED 1992 NISSAN TIWN TURBO NISSAN 300zx pushing 390hp. Withdrew all the money I have made at Pizza Hut for last 3 years......and I got payments for about $7000. By high school graduation it should totally be mine. Well now I am rolling in a real car. Girls were actually checking out my car on a cruise through downtown......unlike the fiero....... Grrrr....Fiero is the poor mans sports car........I ain't poor no more, well I am but still.....


Slammed Fiero JUL 17, 01:10 AM
mrfiero JUL 17, 01:15 AM
I think Burt Reynolds (in the original Smokey & the Bandit movie) said it best, " the letters F.O. mean anything to you?"

Don't let the door hit you on the ass as you leave.

DaRkLoRD JUL 17, 01:18 AM


Gridlock JUL 17, 01:20 AM
Sorry, I didn't realize that Pizza Hut was the source of income of the cultural elite. Maybe someone should tell him 300's are for pimps. He won't be able to fix his twin turbo when it breaks down any better than his fiero. Wow, I took his post really personnal...

"You obviously have a great economy with words, I look forward to your next syllable with great eagerness"

White88cpe JUL 17, 01:21 AM
Another troll gone.. sweet hehe

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fiero_nightmare JUL 17, 01:22 AM

Originally posted by DaRkLoRD:

LOL! that is a good one

i am wondering one thing, why did you pay soo much for that car when you could have put the money into your fiero to make it faster and look better that the nissan? i mean, damn. you probably could have gotten a V8 ferrarri kit car for that much. i have seen them fairly cheap.

fierogsmith JUL 17, 01:32 AM
I'm real happy you sold your car .It's to bad you never tried to act like an adult while you were on PFF .

I just don't have the patience to deal with people who still need to be weaned .

I'm sure with your attitude that life will have a few lessons in store for you .

Here's hopeing you get everything you need !

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Dude16 JUL 17, 02:01 AM
First of all, I am only 16, and Pizza Hut would be the best source of income for me next to my dad giving me enough money a week to go to mcdonalds once a month.

Second. I bought my 300zx for 18k Canadian, ( 12k American ) only 71,500KM, thats less then 50,000 miles. If I enjoy myself for upcoming grade 12 and first three university years I can still sell my car for some money. Unlike i put 16K into a FIERO.....I get none of that money back. Plus that takes time, this way I got real car.

Third. No offense to all you fiero owners, fiero is a decent car. Fun to drive. But face it, you can get a good, not decent, better then average fiero for 3k canadian, 2k american. Price has something to say......horrible maintance.....expensive parts......crap quality. I personally don't have time between school, work and my girlfriend to be spending time under a crappy ass car. Sure my Nissan will cost something to maintain too, but i'll be maintaining a 390hp car...... ask the GENERAL public what they prefer........

It is the age of Imports.....unless you can afford a viper or corvette.....otherwise all these american sports car are for older folk like most of you on here who got time and little else to do and little money.....

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Leper JUL 17, 02:12 AM
Place your bets on when his car will become a lawn ornament.

What's the insurance run on one of those?