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HowTo: Sending me nasty emails. 48
Are you 'Anglo-Saxon' enough? Is 'Anglo-Saxon' the 'new (old) white'..? 10
The narrative that the Capitol protest was a “deadly insurrection” is falling apart 18
Anybody a runner? Anything work as well for heart and lung? 14
Found affordable housing around here ! 0
Scored a riding mower for 200 bucks 20
Flash to Bang 18
How to be less white ! 31
Someone got the 2nd RNA shot. 44
These are NOT human beings 6
The S is REALLY hitting the fan here, and fast 0
Video Time Capsule...Mall Culture 1983 12
Crypto currency - bitcoin - Genesis Technologies, what is the deal going to be? 15
'Exiting Extremism: Inside One Group’s Mission To Help People Out Of Hate' (NBC News) 20
I guess thats one way of washing it 0
The Funeral of Prince Philip. 8
They can't see the Forrest for the trees. Tennessee lawmakers. A Confederate general. 88
Here we go...full-blown gestapo police state 4
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