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HowTo: Sending me nasty emails. 48
re: That Chinese Spy Balloon floating over the US 24
Ground Hog Day 9
Somebody just blowed up something 3
20 Interesting Uses of ChatGPT 3
Anyone Have a Hook-up on large amounts of glycine? 2
In This Season Of Football, ... Who Has Heard of the Mosquito Bowl ? 12
Model Railroaders 14
Can Canada be depended on in a crisis? 69
Wire loom 2
Interesting Maps 5
Speaking of Tanks... this is awesome! 4
When NASA tried to firm up their 'obliques'. The AD-1 Oblique Wing research aircraft. 0
For those who like technical stuff 4
Passenger cabin by Martin-Baker 0
The fastest 60 seconds in Floating Offshore Wind. TetraSpar turbine installation demo 5
Extending handlebars 10
A tune you may not have heard 172
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