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Need help choosing a video card for my computer 10
Happy Thanksgiving; What are you thankful for? 14
Parade massacre 22
It has been a long time since I was here last. 😜 3
How many hospital beds are being used for COVID patients in YOUR neck of the woods? 10
Lake Powell in Utah 7
Steak Cooked In A Log Of Butter 18
A 'lit' Neil deGrasse Tyson joins MSNBC's Ari Melber. Asteroid mission. And Elon Musk 10
The heart problems are becoming common knowledge now. 33
Fun from Harley 4
Salvation Army is woke 1
Biden admin could fight inflation by axing tariffs on China imports, but . . . 19
What is everyone's thoughts on the "vaccine" mandate? 123
Did you know? (don't associate with criminals) 28
Just for MEM... 1
one of the first 'plastic' cars 18
Some votes are more equal than others 0
Clown world commiefornia 0
The new Mustang is BARF! 10
Ya know what I just got told ? 10
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