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re: OPEN AI Robot 4
Debate 2.0 - singing "Ba-Ba-Ba Bobulinski" 17
The Maker 14
The Ultimate Top Gear Pack 1989-2015 UK/US/Aus (for download 365gb in size though) 20
testof the emergency posting system 14
Inside the NYPD crackdown on subway fare evaders 24
unrequested crap showing up on my taskbar!! 7
plausible deniability 2
F-1 is race saturday Q is 11 EST TODAY new season new cars 39
Rare non-binary bird makes itself known—but 'they' are not splitting the bill. 2
Wildfire in the Tx Panhandle and it is a fast moving monster. 13
An amazing set of coincidences...Or...? 7
"Desperados Waiting for a Train" 0
Happy International Women's Day! 0
Are the 'wheels coming off' at United Airlines? Apparently... 4
Anyone with a Quest 2 or Quest 3 VR headset? Want to test my game? 1
Pennock's Advertisement Improv... 19
I saw a neat Satellite earlier this month. 7
EV's and NASCAR 20
Totally wild... 6
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