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A note about signatures 0
HowTo: Sending me nasty emails. 46
Mega Millions lottery 8
Ne1 know this car???? 3
2005 Dodge Dakota 3
Migrant Caravan 15
Hyper Loop 1
Stormy case thrown out and she has to pay trumps legal bills 10
Water that "doesn't go bad" 7
I Never Thought It Possible; My Bucket-List Concert Is Going To Happen! 5
Sound off if you got your Flu shot 25
What do the congressional and senate races look like in your neighborhood? 11
Songs / performances you like, that to you are heartfelt / powerful 38
When You Want Something Done Right... 1
Prepping tips? 67
Shameful Right Wing Behavior 7
L-O-L-A Lola! 5
Anti-Trump activists, stage play & cinema music aficionados, and karaoke enthusiasts? 8
Finally, non-revisionist history: 0
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