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HowTo: Sending me nasty emails. 48
At the risk of sounding like MEM... 17
More social media bias 3
"Right-Wing Extremist who waned to kill Biden....... 14
All electric Fieros are now possible...with the blessing of GM and Chevy 10
Pandemic Ponderings... 52
Appalachian Flat Footing: D. Ray White - Cindy 0
Trump campaign ad draws what could be construed as 'ire' from Dr Fauci 8
But I dont wanna wait 48 years !!! 2
Debate 2.0 - singing "Ba-Ba-Ba Bobulinski" 11
Not just a new way to write. It redefined what 'writing' means. Cheap ballpoint pens. 6
The Spanish Covid 3
Claus would make himself real small 1
An American 2nd Amendment thread 74
Hornet Busters! A 'swat' team with Murder Hornet-sized protective suits and equipment 14
I've got a new hobby ! 2
Those silly peacenicks. 0
How to spot a Zombie 1
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