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HowTo: Sending me nasty emails. 45
New School Shooting at 230 Today 46
Russian Collusion! 23
Make Dating Great Again 3
Normal where they come from, huh ? 10
Darwin In Action. Burglary Gone Bad. 6
Seems to be a month from hell for me.... 8
Daytona Speedweeks 1
Ugh - Scott Baio is a creep 9
Common sense against liberal/progressive logic 95
Go Proud Boys (NSFW) 6
United Airlines gives the 'bird' to woman who tried to fly with her 'support' peacock 30
Olympics 13
The Five Pillars Of Mueller-gate: A Mereonomic Analysis. 55
Oaxaca hit by earthquakes twice today - 7.2 & 5.8 2
Why Does Replacing Food Stamps With Food So Anger Liberals? 28
Where's Mark? 21
Anyone interested in trapping or otherwise ridding my premises of semiaquatic vermin? 126
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