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HowTo: Sending me nasty emails. 47
Man With 2 Gas Cans Arrested at St. Patrick's Cathedral 2
Just Announced, No Collusion! 137
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 180
Shipping a windshield to Europe? 3
Pretty damned good street musicians in Florence, Italy! 5
Opinions ? 8
And then one day *bam* you wake up dead ! 10
I think I want to try this theory... 2
Illegal Alien Influx 43
Go Doug Ford !! 2
Hearing test 1
How to delicately handle a turn-down 9
Yahoo and the lies... 15
War of the Popes? Pope Francis, predecessor Benedict at odds over clergy sex abuse 5
I think I made a mistake.. 7
Belly up to the Barr folks, it's Mueller time! 7
There is hope for the younger generation! 0
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