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HowTo: Sending me nasty emails. 47
Prices 5
A response totally out of proportion to the threat - is it a deception? 4
Hudini...from your unique perspective, thoughts on the new Chinese corona virus 1137
Lets try to laugh at how life is going.... 14
a pivot from coronavirus topics. US Marines lose their tanks 6
Facebook Gavin Newsom and Mark Zuckerberg have a live feed. 4
sometimes ya need a pimp.. how covid kills 1
The Propaganda Of Terror And Fear: A Lesson From Recent History 12
Hungary makes it official... rule by Viktatorship! 0
Easy plumbing question--through joists & leaves a pipe belly. 9
6 DOF motion simulator 73
Soooo.... Did Carole Baskin kill her husband? 5
The 'What I'm Seeing Today' thread. 272
How Low Will It Go? 8
Welcome to Earth 3rd rock from the sun 4
For you single guys still lookin for 'the One" 10
230 years of rights and liberties shredded - why i oppose the lockdown 15
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