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Are the new Hellcat commercials every bit as good as the old Fiero commercials? by Thunderstruck GT
Started on: 12-27-2015 03:18 PM
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Last post by: E.Furgal on 12-29-2015 01:18 PM
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Originally posted by California Kid:

You better enjoy this stuff while it's still around, including our Fiero's. Have a feeling it won't be too long before internal combustion engines are considered evil and it will be illegal to own one. That or they will put some many taxes on them, that only the really rich will be able to own them.

um, no..
but they will do what other countries have, and tax by the liter..
many places engines bigger than 2.0-2.5ltrs are taxed heavily.. and the reason tiny engines with turbo's are big outside the USA.
We being a free country, the fed's are not going to tax large engines as other countries, they'll side step it, and use the epa regs to do it, knowing the only way the oem's to meet C.A.F.E. will be limiting large engines in the "fleet". We are already seeing this, go price a new truck, 45-55+k , The oem's will have to price vehicles with larger power plants to force people into buying vehicles with smaller ones, as the technology isn't there to meet the MPG and C.A.F.E. that are coming, so to make the epa regs they'll price the fuel hogs to the moon, There is a reason the new mustang comes with a 4cyl. turbo engine option,
The other will be a mileage tax, that states will hit you with, to make up for the fuel taxes lost..
Face it, cars today get great mpg, and make silly power, what mpg could they get if the power levels were brought back to the early 80's level? now that they can get 90hp out of a 1 liter engine.. and more than most v8's had with a 2.3ltr turbo..
The 2nd coming of the h/p wars will come to a close, the 1st one died because of insurance rates and emission controls, this one will die because the epa mandating regs that can't be met with American buyers, they will have to be forced into things they normally would not buy, but if that v8 Camaro/mustang or truck has a base price of 50k and goes up from there, and the turbo 4 of the same car is 35k loaded,
just like the 20's-30's a v8 will = money

Electrics are not the answer, not for another 20+ years, as the epa and Obama forcing of coal plants to close will make electric bills go through the roof,
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