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IMSA/GT JUN 11, 06:57 AM
Why for sale? Health reasons.

* 10 month conversion @ IRM supervised by Rick Mandelson ( www.rickmandelson.com )
* Serviced / maintained by Fiero Jon and Brady High Performance ( http://www.bradyshighperformanceservice.com/ )
* Complete list of performance / maintenance items on request
* Full service log w/ receipts and factory service manual
* Recent PA inspected and ready for road / track

Will be on display @ GM Nationals in Carlisle on June 18.

PM or email any questions - digisys@verizon.net

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GuiltyPleasureFiero JUN 12, 05:29 PM
Price on this?
Shho13 JUN 12, 11:02 PM
Whoa... this may be interesting...

Can't wait to see it.

Red 1988 GT under restoration!

Let's Go Mets!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

IMSA/GT JUN 13, 06:35 AM
Got PIP working................

MinnGreenGT JUN 13, 09:37 AM
Daaaaaang... you're selling the Green car?! Wow. Never thought I'd see the day!

For anyone interested in an outsider's opinion: this was one of the cleanest, most well-kept performance Fieros I've ever had the pleasure of riding in!


Looking for Fiero posters?

revin JUN 13, 09:54 AM
boo... keep THEM!
IMSA/GT JUN 13, 10:13 AM
Thank you very much Rob! Yep time comes up on you really fast. The IMSA would look great garaged next to yours ;-)
Jonathan Tate JUN 13, 04:26 PM
How much?
Dennis LaGrua JUN 14, 10:53 PM
As for price, all I will say is that this custom wide bodied turbocharged Fiero has the best of everything in it. Loads of money and time was spent building it. I saw this Fiero at Carlisle several years back and they don't come much better. IMSA's are rare and this one is a true collectors prize Come out to Carlisle look at it, find out the price and I'll guarantee that you won't be able to build it for what Joe is asking.

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IMSA/GT JUN 15, 10:33 AM
Gosh Dennis now I'll have to wash / wax it again before saturday. Thank you very much for your kind words. BTW - which beast are you cruising to Carlisle in?