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82-T/A [At Work] NOV 17, 03:28 PM
Hey guys, I've been "removed" from a lot of the PC / hardware fun for a long time... specifically, I don't really know the difference between a lot of the new processors and architecture that's out there. I was thinking of upgrading my processor in my computer, and wanted to ask some questions.

Computer: Lenovo Legion T730-28ICO. It's a decent computer, basically a gaming computer, but I don't really play games. I do however do a lot of processing and video editing, which while not unreasonable, sometimes takes a little bit longer than I think I should. A 15 minute video takes almost 8 minutes to process.

The processor I currently have is this: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz

Now, I "think" that's an 8-core processor... and I'm seeing processors for sale that are also Core i9s that have upwards of 18 cores.

Like this 10 core... 3.7Ghz and 10 full cores: https://www.newegg.com/inte...0x/p/N82E16819118111
Or this insane 18 core: https://www.newegg.com/core...xe/p/N82E16819117966

Now, what I have isn't bad... but I'm thinking I probably cannot use any of these chips. I know there's different socket sizes, and I can't find anywhere what kind of socket size my Lenovo has. Maybe LGA-1511 or something, and the others says LGA 2044 or something, I don't know. I used to know this stuff better than anyone back in the 8088/286/386/486 and all through the Pentium era to P4... and then life, and I stopped paying attention.

Any thoughts?

Last question, I remember back in the day that many operating systems wouldn't even leverage the additional processors unless I was using a specific OS. Currently, I'm using Windows 10 Home, which is probably really lame. I have to assume / hope it's allowing me to use the full 8 cores, but I'm thinking of upgrading to PRO so I can use Hyper-V and other features.

Is there a difference between Pro and Workstation? I have no intentions of joining a domain, and I want an unconnected "NON MICROSOFT" account, like I have now (I just hit the "skip create Microsoft Account") which I know will one day no longer be a thing. Will Workstation allow me to use all full cores and get all the features, without having to be connected to a DC?

IMSA GT NOV 17, 03:47 PM
Looking at their tech area, it seems the 9900K that you have is the fastest processor that you can install in that system. If you wanted to go with 12, 16, 32, or 64 cores, you'd need a new motherboard and possibly memory.
82-T/A [At Work] NOV 17, 03:55 PM

Originally posted by IMSA GT:

Looking at their tech area, it seems the 9900K that you have is the fastest processor that you can install in that system. If you wanted to go with 12, 16, 32, or 64 cores, you'd need a new motherboard and possibly memory.

Hahah... that sucks. I'm assuming that's because it's probably sharing the exact same motherboard with the models that use the Core i7? That's probably it... sigh... maybe they'll offer an upgrade chip in the near future that has more power.

TheDigitalAlchemist NOV 17, 04:02 PM
What I always ask
"What do you wanna run on it"?


"What aspect of your computing experience do you want to enhance/ improve upon?"

SO often, folks don't need the upgraded "brain side" hardware upgrade, they just need to clean house and toss in a SSD.

and maybe a newer video card...

I miss building "rigs". But I just don't NEED them. most of the stuff I'm working on doesn't require a beefy Machine...
and sometimes, I'll ask, "Woa, are those REAL"?!?

*poke poke*


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IMSA GT NOV 17, 04:09 PM
I'm wondering where the bottleneck is in your system. That CPU is ranked 2nd for video editing so it should be flying through the editing process.
mmeyer86gt/gtp NOV 17, 04:20 PM
your processor and your mboard are top notch. Look into m.2 raid bus cards for video manipulating. Upgrade to the fastest speed ram your mboard can handle. Ensure this specific ram is compatible with your board also. 32gb is more than enough because most programs cant work with sizes larger then that. I had this issue and it was a specific speed was not compatible with my board. Also look at a good video specific card but bit mining has destroyed the market for a reasonable video card price.
TheDigitalAlchemist NOV 17, 04:21 PM
What software are you using to process the video?

Is your system "pegged" (CPU, Memory, both)

Are you using an external drive to store the video or render to?

Maybe its only using some of the cores?
Jake_Dragon NOV 17, 05:32 PM
What disk are you using HDD or SSD

I recently converted a couple of laptops and a desktop to SSD and it was night and day experience.
My desktop did have a small SSD that it used as a cache but the HDD was defiantly a bottle neck.
Games run better, opening files is faster and all of my boot delays are gone.

I was so excited by the improvement that I upgrade my laptop and my girlfriends laptop.
My laptop went from a messed up boot to almost as fast as my desktop.
I would never buy another computer with the OS on an HDD again.

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82-T/A [At Work] NOV 17, 06:32 PM
Thanks guys... I guess the reality is that I don't really NEED the computer to be faster, I was just hoping I could make it a little faster. But, new motherboard and processor basically means new computer to me... and with this being what it is, I definitely do NOT need to replace all of that. It's an OEM spec computer, so I can't replace the parts like I would a standard case or something that I built myself. It's a Lenovo and everything is custom. I'm happy with it.

To answer some of the questions, here's what I have:

RAM: 32.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1329MHz (19-19-19-43) ... can't remember if those speeds, or those latencies are good?

HD: 1 Terabyte SSD (my C: drive), and a 3 Terabyte SATA-3 platter drive. I do all the video editing and processing on the SSD and move everything to SATA-3 when I no longer need it (for backup). I have a NAS that I copy everything to also.

Graphics Processor: 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 (ZOTAC International) ... this graphics processor is actually quite good. I believe it's DDR5. The only thing better at the time I got it was the 2080... and I didn't bother so much.

Some of the things I run into...

When I have 4 UHD videos playing at the same time (e.g., I nest videos into a video that I'm making), it will slow down. When I use a slow-mo feature on one of the videos, I can see that it really taxes the video

I'm using NERO 2016 Video Editor, but I do have NERO 2022... I just don't use it.

Thanks guys, really appreciate it. Not really the end of the world, just hobby stuff... but if you're bored, appreciate any thoughts. I figure since I can't upgrade the processor, I'll just keep the computer as it is and maybe buy a new one in ~5 years and give this one to my wife.
maryjane NOV 17, 07:46 PM
Completely off topic, but I saw the thread title and thought about an on-line discussion with a thread title on another forum . I go to it every day & there is a current and ongoing thread with about the same title.

I thought "What a coincidence'
but it's a case of when 2 worlds collide..

The thread title:
What does your processor cost and which do you use?

Here's the opening post:

Custom $75 kill .89/lb HW
USDA $85 kill .95/lb HW, $650 minimum processing fee
USDA $100 kill .90/lb HW no minimum

Custom booked 4 mo out, both USDA 6-12 mo.

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