The narrative that the Capitol protest was a “deadly insurrection” is falling apart (Page 1/20)
2.5 APR 16, 12:28 PM
...But the public will probably not notice because mainstream news won't cover it...

"The narrative that the robust protest at the Capitol, over a deeply contentious and flawed 2020 election, was a “deadly insurrection” is falling apart. For months the public was bombarded by the media repeating the lie, over and over, that any contention of election misdeeds was false. Half the country, with good reason, did not believe them.

The lack of trust in the Media and public institutions reached a boiling point on January 6th at the Capitol. This correspondent was there. It was clear the overwhelming number of protestors there were concerned about the election, considering it fraudulent.

The younger and most energetic of the protestors, and at least one agent provocateur, pushed their way into the Capitol. They were far more careful of, and considerate of, police than in the riots which had been occurring in leftist cities for most of a year. There were never more than several hundred of them, out of half a million or more protestors.

Five people died that day at the capitol.
According to the Chief Medical Examiner in the District of Columbia, Dr. Francisco Diaz, two people died of natural causes. One died of a drug overdose. One protestor was shot by a Capitol Policeman.

The narrative that the protestors caused five deaths is false. Here were the five deaths, as reported in All of them appear to have been Trump supporters.

The case of Officer Brian Sicknick is a highly political case, where we were told, over and over, Trump supporters killed a police officer in a violent insurrection. This was repeated by the most adored of the Progressive national media, such as the New York Times. It was claimed Sicknick was beaten with a fire extinguisher. It was a lie."


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rinselberg APR 16, 12:45 PM
Yeah, I'd much rather be murdered with "bear spray" (like Brian Sicknik) than by a fire extinguisher being hurled towards me as an improvised projectile weapon. Makes all the difference. Oh, did the article mention the Capitol Police officer that had the sight taken from one of his eyes?

Maybe I'll look at it later.

Now is not the time.
2.5 APR 16, 02:12 PM

Originally posted by rinselberg:

Oh, did the article mention the Capitol Police officer that had the sight taken from one of his eyes?

Maybe I'll look at it later.

Now is not the time.

But now is the time to reply, before reading the article?
2.5 APR 16, 02:14 PM
I found it interesting they didn't even mention Antifa.
Jake_Dragon APR 16, 02:21 PM
Bloody and Deadly insurrection
2.5 APR 16, 03:44 PM

Originally posted by Jake_Dragon:

Bloody and Deadly insurrection

Yeah I remember the words "hostile takeover" being uttered by the newsmedia about the capitol protest, among other attention getting scare tactics.

What a joke. A sick sad joke way too many people believed.

As a side note, so many words are losing their meaning from misuse.

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2.5 APR 16, 04:12 PM
Check out the garbage in this report.

After the headlines claiming:

"Those who have been arrested for their involvement in the deadly melee so far are white supremacist and members of far-right extremist groups"

"racially motivated violent extremists – white supremacists – and members of militant groups"

"We have not seen, to date, any evidence of anarchist violent extremist or people who subscribe to Antifa in connection with Jan. 6."

"Wray said Tuesday that the more than 300 perpetrators of the attack whom law enforcement agencies have arrested so far are white supremacists, along with members of what the bureau calls "militia violent extremist."

"Racially motivated violent extremism arrests have tripled since he took over as director in 2017. These groups comprise the biggest chunk of the crimes the FBI investigates, and of those, white supremacists make up the majority"

*****The FBI Director Christopher Wray under questioning then says:

"Under questioning from committee Sen. Ron Johnson, Texas Republican, Wray agreed that many associates of these far-right groups who have been arrested may not be part of a formal organization with clear command-and-control hierarchy – comparable to al-Qaida or the Islamic State group – but rather are inspired to conduct attacks aligned with those domestic groups' ideologies."

OK just how are we measuring the BS we spout then?

Perhaps it doesnt matter because all you hear on the media, and what comes out of their followers puppeting the talking points are these same talking points, so whatever the BS it seems to be working.

More small details

*Id like to know how they define militant, I'm guessing to them it means "gun owner"?

*"Subscribe to"? As in claim that they are with Antifa? Would there be a benefit to them in doing so?

*"Two other officers involved in the riot died by suicide in subsequent days." ...Really? THAT isn't fishy?!!

I won't defend "supremacy" of any "race" or "color". But this seems like an awful big dump truck load of BS.

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randye APR 17, 04:35 AM
The harder the media pushes a narrative the more into the red the "Horse Crap Meter" needle goes.

"The Truth always eventually comes out and it is NEVER what the Leftist media originally told you."........randye
theBDub APR 17, 09:09 PM
An officer died, and plenty of right-wing insurrectionists have already pleaded guilty. I’m not quite sure what is falling apart, but both “deadly” and at least attempted “insurrection” both seem to fit the description.
rinselberg APR 17, 10:15 PM
In a joint [sic] investigation by NBC News and Bellingcat, "On Assignment" with Richard Engel takes a closer look at the Capitol Building insurrection on January 6.

"Our House--The Planning"

This is part three of the hour-long "Our House" production. It's 10+ minutes of video. At the 3:05 mark, the focus is on the Oath Keepers militia and their role in breaking into the Capitol Building. They form a "stack." At 4:05, the radio communications that Oath Keepers were using. At 4:50, Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins, talking on her radio, utters the CHILLING WORDS "We have a good group. We got about 30 or 40 of us. We're sticking together and sticking to the PLAN."

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