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cam-a-lot JUL 09, 11:46 AM
Why on earth would anyone do this to a car? It is better to burn the car or drive it into a swamp and leave it there....

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thesameguy JUL 09, 12:20 PM
It's pretty bad, but it's also kind of fun. If they continued the experiment aft it could be okay. If it were me I think I'd wanna take it more in the direction of the Jalapeno. That approach angle!
MulletproofMonk JUL 09, 01:21 PM
If it had some front fenders, it would almost have a prowler look to it...


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thesameguy JUL 09, 02:41 PM
I agree - if not offroad, it definitely needs the roof removed. Or both!
Raydar JUL 09, 03:48 PM
At least they didn't "trike" it.
Dennis LaGrua JUL 09, 04:00 PM
If this vehicle is for real, without front fenders that's a very dangerous design. Driving this creation over a stone filled road would turn those stones into bullets headed for the windshield or maybe the drivers head.
fieroguru JUL 09, 08:47 PM
When you spend $1500 for coilovers and tubular a-arms, you have to show them off!
Notorio JUL 09, 11:31 PM
thesameguy JUL 13, 02:14 AM
Where that car's going, it doesn't need headlights.
Rickady88GT JUL 20, 08:50 PM
I am suspicious of frame integrity