88 gt 5 speed getrag won't shift only if engine is running (Page 1/3)
zobari JUL 19, 07:48 AM

Yesterday (sunday) i've driven my 88 gt v6 fiero (133k km) with a 5 speed getrag transmission with 70% of city driving,

After 30 minutes, the feeling of the gearbox become more hard.
Thanks to God, i could park my car in my garage but now i'm not able to shift any gear included the reverse if the engine is running.
If the engine is turned off, then, i can shift and after i start the engine i can drive with one gear but if i want shifting into other gear, i must turn off the engine and i can repeat the operation = same result.

The dot 3 master/slave cylinder level is good

tranny oil level is ok and changed recently (stf tranny oil)

My clutch pedal is below the brake pedal (is it the problem and the clucth disc doesn't disangage fully due to the clutch pedal (bent pedal is-it possible) ?).

Do you have any suggestions which will help me to find the problem ?

Thanks you in advance.

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imacflier JUL 19, 08:23 AM
Yep, sure sounds like classic low pedal syndrome to me! You might want to check this thread on common causes of low clutch pedal: https://www.fiero.nl/forum/...110502-2-108390.html and then this one on how I finally fixed

the low pedal on my 88GT: https://www.fiero.nl/forum/...120111-2-108553.html

Be sure and let us know how you finally fix it!

Good Luck,

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fierofool JUL 19, 08:36 AM
First, if you're on level ground and start the car with it in gear, does it try to pull away? That would be a failure to disengage issue.

There are 4 good possibilities that may be causing your problem.

1. The clutch pedal is bent.
2. The master cylinder pushrod is bent.
3. The slave cylinder has failed.
4. You have air in the system and it needs to be bled.

I would first start with bleeding the system. I've had great success with gravity bleeding. My method:
Jack up the left front just enough to get the wheel off the ground.
Top off the clutch master cylinder reservoir and leave the cap off and the bottle of fluid nearby.
Open the bleeder on the slave and allow the fluid to flow while at the same time, strike the side of the slave with a heavy tool or small hammer. This helps to dislodge any air in the slave.
Keep close watch on the fluid level and top off when it nears the bottom. Don't let it run dry.
Repeat this and on the third filling of the reservoir, allow it to flow down to the full mark and close the bleeder valve. Replace the caps on the reservoir and fluid bottle. If it was air, your clutch should operate properly.

The level of the pedal tends to indicate your pedal or pushrod is bent. If the pushrod has been removed for any reason, it may have been reinstalled upside down. The curl of the pushrod should be upward. Try pulling the pedal upward to see if it will rise above the brake pedal.

If the slave cylinder has failed, the Rodney Dickman replacement slave is highly recommended.
zobari JUL 19, 08:55 AM
Thank you for your answers, it will help me a lot

I let u know when I will work on the car...
zobari JUL 19, 01:08 PM
Here is 2 videos of the clutch pedal :

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

The problem is related to this pedal and the master/slave cylinder I think

Or the shifter cables are fail

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Patrick JUL 19, 02:27 PM

Originally posted by zobari:

Or the shifter cables are fail

You could have no shifter cables and your clutch pedal wouldn't be that floppy!

Do the bleeding as previously advised and see what happens. If you don't have a slave cylinder with a double seal (from Rodney), I suspect there's air in your hydraulics.

This is a topic that has been discussed over and over and over again. There is a ton of info already posted about this issue.

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zobari JUL 19, 02:59 PM
OK I will bleed the Hydraulic liquid from slave clutch cylinder and master cylinder.

But in the last video.i have some difficulty to change to first and 5th engine off but then All gear was fin on the last of video but the feeling is a bit hard.
A problem with clutch pedal can cause some difficulty to change gear with the engine turned off ?
fierofool JUL 19, 06:36 PM
Yes, sometimes it's difficult to get into some gears because nothing is moving and gears don't perfectly match together. First or Reverse would be most common. At least on both mine.

I just looked at the video. Something's wrong. The pedal should spring up and stay up when released in that manner. It shouldn't bounce up and down.

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Larryinkc JUL 19, 10:12 PM
Clutch bleed info this thread.

zobari JUL 20, 03:33 AM
Thanks for your suggestions.

I will bleed with the archie procedure for the master and slave cylinder and i wil lsee what's happening

The rear slave cylinder has been changed in 2016 but the one in the front has never been changed, big chance that this old one is faulty...

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