How come the search function doesn't cover this section? (Page 1/1)
hercimer01 SEP 09, 09:33 PM
I have to do a "find on this page" only for subjects.

Project Genisis Lo Budget 3800SC swap
12.840@104.8 MPH Intense-Racing 1.9 rockers, 3" exhaust, 3.4 pulley, ZZP tune and 18 year old tires.

88 Coupe under construction SOLD

88 formula 3.4L 4t60 swap SOLD

88GT resurrection in progress.

Blacktree SEP 11, 04:59 PM
I wasn't even aware of that. This section of the forum never really got much traffic. So maybe Cliff just forgot?

I decided to post a couple build threads in here, because I'm sure there are lots of people with cars other than Fieros. So why not talk about those, too?