Mary jane is a traitor (Page 1/11)
uhlanstan JUN 08, 06:02 PM
Maryjane says I know nothing about him,,I had men from my military site come read maryjanes post!! Maryjane was a Marine he knows better than these other atheist squeeks who support the atheist mass murderer & hate me because they hate the truth about atheist monster Killers & support russia,it is no joke to support the russian monsters who are holding a train load of 500 chilfren hostage right now & TORTURING PEOPLE 24 hours a day in Donetsk ..
America is an Idea more than a place & Americas values are being assaulted every day by men like maryjane

I only know one thing about Maryjane, he is a traitor to America ,he is one of the men who is destroying America slowly,tearing America down ,a little bit each day with his support of our enemies,, SPEAKING OUT FOR OUR ENEMIES, he needs to wake up & stop supporting our enemies , I have watched him sink the past year.. I have been told to TONE it down !! crapola, that is how America got in this mess !! speak out against all who tear America down !! WAKE UP ,IF YOU ALLOW THE HUMAN FILTH TRAITORS TO TEAR AMERICA DOWN & PRAISE HER ENEMIES ,we are lost DONE IN FROM WITHIN.. STOP THIS MADDNESS
when you think maryjane THINK TRAITOR.. Yup, I know many here will defend the traitor maryjane, maryjane supports ,defends our enemies
America is the last hope of the world never, a nation like America, none even close !
Patrick JUN 08, 06:06 PM

Stan, we're getting sick of your sh!t.

Please take your paranoid delusions elsewhere.
Khw JUN 08, 06:07 PM
Seriously, WTF?

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Keep it civilized!
It's ok to disagree with someone. Really, it is. But it's not ok to call someone a "toad licking monkey waxer" just because he disagrees. It'll make you actually look like one. Name-calling will most likely get you a bad rating. At the very least, it will cause the thread to end up in the Trash Can, and at its very worst it will get you banned.

jimbolaya JUN 08, 06:21 PM
Wow Stan, not cool. You got a neg from me.

sleevePAPA JUN 08, 06:25 PM
not cool.
Formula88 JUN 08, 06:36 PM
Stan, I respect your service and believe it or not, your opinion, but lately you've been going way too far. You attack anyone who doesn't blindly support your point of view.

You have always been a foul mouthed jerk. It's who you are, you make no apologies for it and I respect that. In many of your rants I have found bits of wisdom and an insight that I found valuable. I just had to get past the ranting to get to it. But to suggest Don is a traitor is simply not credible. I can tell you flat out based on how you and Don both handle yourselves on this forum (as it's the only interaction I've had with either of you), should I ever find myself in dire straits I would want Don to have my back rather than you.

I imagine you'll be banned pretty soon. I wish you well in your life, but your attitude and attacks are no longer welcome here.
Sourmug JUN 08, 06:36 PM
Too much Stan, I mean, really too much..
starlightcoupe JUN 08, 06:42 PM
Stan, unsubstantiated attacks against anyone including Don (or you) are just graffiti on a latrine wall. Lighten up.

Your crap is very old and please add me to your traitor list.
Zeb JUN 08, 06:55 PM
I think Stan is trying to say, "I'm done here, its time for me to go. Thanks for the push."

maryjane JUN 08, 06:56 PM
Again, I defend the right to self determination--for all peoples--everywhere.
It is one of the basic unalienable rights our founding fathers spelled out in the US Declaration of Independence and is what they based our own constitution upon.
If we believe it for ourselves, (and I do) then we must also believe it for all others--and again, I do.
That seems to upset stan.