Wide Track '88.,., does it have handling benefits? (Page 1/1)
Iain DEC 13, 10:52 AM
I've read on here recently of people using wider track suspension on 1988 cars, obviously for kit/replica applications.

Just wondering, from a Competition point of view, are there any handling benefits of 2" wider track or, is it just for looks (and/or is detrimental)? Can't find anything in Search

Please note: not interested in this descending into - who makes what/quality/ lack thereof/liabilty etc, I'm more than capable of making my own suspension arms safely, I'm only interested in whether it's worth the hassle (and obvious bodywork extension,) from a handling point of view.

Blacktree DEC 13, 11:32 AM
From a pure physics standpoint, a wider stance should help the car handle better. The longer suspension arms won't push/pull the wheel as much when the suspension travels. So it's a benefit, as long as good suspension geometry is maintained.

That said, widening the stance by only a couple inches will only provide a minor benefit. It might only be measurable on a race track, with telemetry.
fieroguru DEC 13, 01:42 PM
Blooz ran the numbers through a suspension analyzer for a 3" wide track per side and the geometry got worse front and rear. He detailed the changes he did to restore/improve in his build thread in the construction zone.
wftb DEC 13, 05:18 PM
http://www.fiero.nl/forum/Forum3/HTML/000116.html Bloozberry thread.

And there are some great mods for the stock 88 front suspension in this thread http://www.fiero.nl/forum/Forum1/HTML/090867.html

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Iain DEC 14, 04:39 AM
Cheers Gents, much appreciated, another rabbit hole i don't have to disappear down.

and some Christmas break reading too, I realy must get on this forum with something easier to read than a phone.