Totally O/T

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The Creepy Joe Chronicles 12
The Trump Impeachment Proceedings 135
Build a jeep 8
Impeachment a go 15
Know anyone in Virginia? 6
Anybody else having reply problems? 15
The Collin Kapernick Chronicals 16
CYBERTRUCK by Tesla. You can order it NOW. :) 116
The Queen Elizabeth, The Prince of Wales, & A Spitfire Walk Into A Bar In Portsmouth 1
Overthinking it? NFL's SF 49ers radio man hit with one game suspension, after remark. 0
"Oasis" - an original instrumental 0
Epstein gone 45
Cellphones in cars again. 13
Christmas Classics: It's A Gift-Wrap Life!...Wait, A Box Wants A Choo-Choo Train?! 1
? for Electric minded ppl..not related to cars. 12
P.C. Gaming: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 3
A not so good day for UPS or me. 14
Good coffee, and plenty of it is important 1
Bad day for beaver 8
Daily drive an automatic Fiero GT? 8
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