Totally O/T

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I've entered yet another DJ Contest and me needs your help :) 12
The cool stuff you hear when lyrics dont get in the way 7
Doug Ford opened up a can of worms 0
Obama era Whistleblower found dead on the side of the road 18
Indian Fusion 1
Texas, just exactly where are you getting your deer? 7
Flat or round, 7
Truest thing I ever read 1
'If it's Tuesday, this must be Berlin.' Acting DNI Richard Grenell a 'triple threat.' 10
The clown car just gets better and better. Introducing the Bloomburg / Hillary ticket 17
Part of Oregon wants to Sescede 5
Problem when browsing on mobile 6
Wisconsin lefties missed their shipment 5
Aww , Neil Young has hoit feewings 3
Score 1 for Britain 0
Test. 88 Fiero Front Suspension 3
Bye bye Bombardier 10
President Trump 17
Trump plans to take 'The Beast' for a lap at Daytona 500 14
When behind the wheel, PAY ATTENTION DAMN IT!! 2
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