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Additional Notes and Rules for The Mall by Cliff Pennock
Started on: 06-01-2007 09:07 AM
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Last post by: Cliff Pennock on 06-01-2007 09:07 AM
Cliff Pennock
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Let me repeat that: The Mall is for Fiero related items only! If you need to sell anything else, the TOM ("The Other Mall") section is the place to do it. When I find non-Fiero related topics here, I will delete them immediately - no warning given. If that means you'll loose lots of important information like contact information or pricing - then I'm really sorry, but you shouldn't have started your non-fiero related thread here in the first place. If you made a genuine mistake and accidentally posted your ad here, let me know and I will move it to the TOM section.

Again: just because you see non-Fiero related items pop-up in The Mall every now and then, and just because they aren't deleted (immediately) doesn't mean it's allowed! It just mean I didn't see them because I only quickly browse through the topic list every now and then and I rely heavily on members notifying me when they see off-topic ads.

In addition to The Mall section, you can put your items up for auction on PFA.

Only post in someone's thread if you have a question or remark about the item sold!
There's one thing I see happening quite a bit and it's really kinda childish. Someone posts his item for sale and soon after somebody else jumps in with a remark like: "You must be crazy. I saw [insert similar item here] for half the price you are asking!".

Right, people. A friend of mine just bought a car for $10,000. He must be nuts because I saw another car for sale the other day for only $1,000.

So unless you have a source for the exact same item, you can't really tell if the item for sale is expensive or not, now can you? So before you post your "you must be out of your mind asking that amount" reply, think twice.

Do not call something "Official PFF <insert item here>" when it isn't.
I have seen this a lot. Somebody selling "Official PFF decals" or "Official PFF t-shirts" when they are not. Calling something "Official PFF" gives people the impression its the only item of its kind supported by me. And it isn't. As you know I don't mind people creating PFF merchandise and selling it for a (small) profit. And I support them all equally. So again, don't use the term "Official" when it isn't.

Don't tell people parts of the profit will be donated to PFF.
Why? Because perhaps 1 out of 10 times people actually do. Seriously, over the years many people have started raffles, or sold decals, t-shirts, DVDs, manuals, whatever claiming that parts of their profit would be donated to PFF while I have never received a single cent from them. And I it's not because the fact I don't get part of the profit that I care, but because people actually buy stuff thinking they help PFF in the process - while they don't.

But what if you really do want to donate part of the profit to PFF? No problem under these conditions:
  • You contact me first.
  • You say in your thread exactly how much per item will be donated to PFF.
  • You allow me to post in your thread how much has been donated so far.

"When should I use The Mall and when should I use PFA?"
If you need to sell it fast, or when you want to sell it for a fixed price, you can sell your items here in The Mall. If you're not in a hurry, and you want to sell it to the highest bidder, you can start an auction on PFA.

"How do I link to an auction on PFA?
If you've placed an auction on PFA, you can advertise it here and post a link to it:
  • On the PFA main page, click on the category where you added your auction. Find your auction in the list that appears. Right click on your auction-title. A popup menu will appear. Choose "Copy Shortcut" (in IE) or "Copy Link Location" (in Firefox).
  • Create a new message here in The Mall. To include your link in your message, press CTRL-V (the control key and the V key simultaneously).

"Can I sell my item both here and on PFA?"
You can, but to avoid problems with potential buyers, you'd better not.
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