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My (newb/always learning/) 3800 & upgrades questions.... by OHNIKO
Started on: 08-16-2014 10:54 PM
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Last post by: OHNIKO on 08-16-2014 10:54 PM
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for the experts/gurus! (as I'm far from an engine dude...but I try)

Goal: approx. 300hp, longer term reliability, mileage & streetability as realistically expected.
I'm not a drag guy and not looking to be at WOT regularly (ok perhaps occasionally!)
I'd want to do this up and be done with it . (yeah, yeah, I know...don't say it!) and not take it apart again, unless something breaks, unitentionally.
Application: My 1985 GT fastback project car has/will have the following:

series 2 L67 from a '98 Buick Regal GS with its mated HD auto tranny

XP hot cam
105 valve springs
2007 gen5 SC (series3)
2007 lower intake
zzp SS IC
IC heat exchanger
2000 N* TB & adapter plate
42.5 lb injectors, qty 6
fluid pump/tubing etcfor the IC
3.25 size pulley for the gen5 SC
aeroforce scan gauge
colder plugs
180deg t-stat

I do have the associated gaskets, bolts, retainers, locks, lifters, pushrods, seals, MAF, IAC, TPS, dampener etc.
(If I've missed anything, we'll find out at install time, lol!)

So, some of these are dumb on purpose. some will be dumb 'til I learn, (admitted ignorance!) haha but I'm sure some of these will benefit other folks as well.

Thank you in advance for those who take the time & effort to eliminate some of my ignorance!

Here goes nada:

a) what fluid pumps & heat exchangers are you guys (& gals) using for your IC systems?...sourced from where or from what other vehicles?

b) after reading this: & chatting, I would think 1.9 rockers are overkill/not needed. Agree?

c) what is the stock rocker ratio/size? 1.5 or 1.6? (I've been seeing some conflicting info out there...)

ci) what is the stock valve spring strength? ... 90lbs? are these GM LS6-style springs?

d) if someone was using 125/130lb springs or higher, then would need to use 1.9 rockers (or vice versa)?

e) if someone was using a double roller timing chain & machined oil pump cover, would it be better to use 2 paper front cover gaskets or one thicker garlock gasket?

f) why use a Valve Cover Breather? or not use one? consequences (good or bad)?

g) is the stock Fiero rad adequate for a set-up like this?.(i do have a 3core champion aluminum one I could use..)

h) the higher the valve spring rate, then the timing chain dampener life expectancy is lower apparently...significantly? and how to check/monitor?

i) fuel flow: is a high flow fuel filter needed?

j) any machining needed on the guides to have a non-stock (XP hot) cam installed?

k) guestimated boost pressure on this set up? 14psi or less? guestimated torque & hp numbers at crank & at the wheels? guestimated 0-60 & 1/4 mile times in our cars?

l) "recommended to check piston to valve clearances when changing cam timing" ......could someone give an example? what it should be or just clear?

m) can use the stock L67 valves in this setup?

n) what is the length of the stock L67 push rods?

o) if you change a head gasket or the camshaft, do you need to recalculate/re-measure for proper push rod length & likely need to replace them?
(.....also a good mini-read on lifter pre-load: http://shop.zzperformance.c...ustom-Pushrods.aspx)

p) i think so, but I will still ask the gods...with this setup, are revs higher than 6000rpms not recommended?

q) is the designated MAF sensor designated as LQ4? I see some others have used different ones...why?

r) is it worth porting the gen 5 blower outlet? at least to match the IC core or just ensure that there's no gasket interference?

s) if you change an air intake component (i.e air filter/piping etc) or an exhaust component (i.e cat/tips etc), then a re-tune is recommended. so it's best to have those in place for the final tune?)..not necessary for a preliminary/initial tune?

t) if you have a N* TB with the needed adapter, why would you want a TB spacer as well? isn't it unnecessary/same thing?

u) IC set-up: tie into the stock factory coolant overflow system or separate system? what works best (esp. to fill, eliminate air, long term reliability etc). what have you done?

v) which to use? : Bosch or Lucas (or other) 42.5lb fuel injectors? what have you used/recommended? (btw what are stock size on the L67, 36lb?)
Also, do new ones (ie. 42.5lbs)normally come flow-matched?

w) is an adjustable fuel regulator necessary?

x) it's a return-style fuel system (L67) or returnless?

y) what have people done for similar setups for their fuel rails & what has worked best? (any links/pics would be helpful if you have them. I know this depends on rail mods, billet fuel logs, clean line routing etc). Do you think injector spacers would be better/needed due to the added height of IC?

z) is a TAC module needed, or is this handled through the fuel mapping/pcm programming, or other?
that's all for now...and yes, I am reading through many, loooong build threads.




Original 18" x 8" Motegi Roja's, 225-40-ZR18's front, 265-35-ZR18's rears, coil-overs, KYB shocks & struts, 2.5" drop, K&N filters, Holley side scoop, upgraded front & rear sway bars, poly, fully loaded, tinted, & some other nice custom stuff...

1985 GT SILVER CONVERSION PROJECT, 3800 SC SII powered, doesn't look as nice (yet), but it sure goes!

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