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New Mazda Commercial by Shiner
Started on: 06-20-2000 04:24 AM
Replies: 3
Last post by: Fformula88 on 06-20-2000 03:35 PM
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Report this Post06-20-2000 04:24 AM Click Here to See the Profile for ShinerClick Here to Email ShinerSend a Private Message to ShinerDirect Link to This Post
Did anybody else catch this one? It showed pics of the RX7 and said something like "it started with the RX7". Then pictures of the new Miata, and something like "this was next". THEN it said something like "the story continues.." (sorry, my short term memory sometimes isn't up to par, personaly, I blame it on Agent Orange in the local tap water) This ad really got me excited! Is Mazda going to bring back the rex, which is now making nearly 300hp? Do they have something entirely new up their sleaves? Personally, I think that if they put a twin-turbo wankel in a Miata, it would be the hottest thing since sliced bread.

Anybody here know what's up with this?

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Report this Post06-20-2000 07:31 AM Click Here to See the Profile for stimpyClick Here to Email stimpySend a Private Message to stimpyDirect Link to This Post
If thats the commercial I think it is, you are gonna be disappointed. It ends with the rear view of Mazdas new "mini-ute" driving down the road. Afraid that's your latest and greatest from Mazda. Don't believe the hype.
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Report this Post06-20-2000 09:16 AM Click Here to See the Profile for ChadManClick Here to Email ChadManSend a Private Message to ChadManDirect Link to This Post
Stimpy's right - this commercial is hyping the Mazda Tribute, a version of Ford's new Escape - a smallish SUV.

Geezis - how can they possibly compare the driving experience of a Miata or RX-7 with a freakin' SUV?

Yeah, the story continues - with same rotten ending as Pontiac's story. (Man, I'm grouchy today)

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Report this Post06-20-2000 03:35 PM Click Here to See the Profile for Fformula88Send a Private Message to Fformula88Direct Link to This Post
Even though the commercial is disappointing, there may be a happy ending after all. Its been a while and I don't remember the details, but I believe over this past winter I had heard or read that Mazda is going to bring in a high HP car, using the 300 HP dual rotor engine. The show car it was in I believe had 4 doors, but that doesn't mean the car will in production. It was rumored the engine would appear in a new RX-7 coupe based on the Miata chassis. It sounds interesting, if they in fact build it.
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