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It's only MACARONI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by GT Bastard
Started on: 05-12-2000 12:09 AM
Replies: 4
Last post by: Monkeyman on 05-12-2000 10:17 AM
GT Bastard
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So I was picking up a DVD at Wal-Mart this evening and I ended up in front of this rude b*tch in the checkout line. She was buying two boxes of macaroni and nothing else. The cashier rang them up as .86/box and the lady freaked out saying: "The sign said they were .68 cents!" The cashier was cool about it, and got someone else to go check the price... 3 minutes later, she comes back and says: "Sorry, the sign says .86 cents. Do you still want them?" The rude b*tch says, "No, I'm really sure the sign says .68 cents." So the lady goes back a SECOND time to check the price. This time, I gave a very audible *sigh* and stared off into space. Then I started searching my pockets for change(40 cents) to give the woman so that I could demonstrate how insignificant the whole ordeal really is. The Wal-Mart lady came back and second time and finally said, "Go ahead and go with .68 cents." I totally got the impression she just gave up and decided to go with .68 cents to make her happy. There were so many things I felt like saying to that stingy woman... The first thing that comes to mind might be, "GET A LIFE!" Then again, I also began to wonder whether I should feel sorry for her. I mean, someone like that must lead a very empty life. If she really needed that 40 cents to feed her starving children, she should've gone to Hy-Vee and gotten the cheap house brand for less money. I too like to stick to my principals, and maybe her principals were telling her that Wal-Mart was cheating her, but it's just Macaroni! If she had something morally against pricing errors, she should have just abondoned the mac & cheese, and gone refused to shop at Wal-Marts in the future. I felt like telling her that there are more important things to concern yourself with, like senseless violence and the true meaning of life, but nothing came to mind....
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frontal lobe
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Some people never learn you need to pick your battles in life.

Hy-Vee!! I used to shop there while a poor college student at U. of Iowa!

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Im a cashier at jewel, a grocery store, always have been, was hired as one.

Boy can i tell you stories.
I start hating anyone that uses a credit,or a debit card, but especially a check.
It gets to the point when using one of these forms for as less as 2 dollars is ridiculous.
"oh i forgot to bring my money"
Or, using checks is very convenient,
problems with people that use checks,
half of them need the amount to be rounded to the nearest tenth of a dollar. Its easier to balance a checkbook. The worst thing our store does, is give money over on a check, so we get people that want up to 50 over on a check. If you want money, shouldn't you just cash all of your paycheck? And, i know majority of people cant do simple arithmetic. So they might ask for 50 or something less over the total, so i'll just punch it in, but they are hoping for me to add the amount for them and tell them what they should write down in their check book, but ill just act preoccupied in organizing my coupons.

About 80% of price lookups are due to customer thinking that the price is different. About 20% or less, is computer error, or management hasn't updated the price. Customers are wrong numerous times, either they saw another tag for a different product, didn't read the tag which states the size etc.. 50% will say no i dont want it, or the other will say, no let me go back and see what it says. When they come back wrong, they either will make an excuse, or say i was right. Management will give it to them for a price if they are tired about the complaining.

I asked this one lady for her address to be on the check, but shes like i had my bank remove it for privacy. I dont understand how writing a check is private when numerous hands are in contact with your check, and your account number is listed on the bottom and top. Boy, did i want to say something to her.

Another was, this customer giving me a can saying she doesn't want it because theres a dent in it, she wasn't old, mid 30s. I said the soup is still good. She says, you can get (SP) bochulism. I said just cook it hot enough.-- Aslong as the dent doesn't have an opening exposed to air, it is fine, anyone else do bodywork?

Anyone care about food being wasted. What pissing me off is at the checkout. Some individuals dont want something so they decide to stick it where the magazines are or someplace else. The problem is, no one will see it, and the worse thing is when the product is suppose to be refridgerated, by the time an employee gets it, to put it back on the shelf, its already warm. I guess giving it to a cashier is to hard. A gallon of milk at room temp was a big waste, but same is frozen pizzas, etc...

There are a lot of idiots, same as the people that drive on the road, i just ignore all of them and dont say a thing. My words are hi and thankyou, or i look confused when they try to say a funny joke. So the next time you go shopping, dont tailgate an idiot shopper.

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Report this Post05-12-2000 07:45 AM Click Here to See the Profile for stimpyClick Here to Email stimpySend a Private Message to stimpyDirect Link to This Post
Yikes!!! I'm going out to eat for every meal from now on! That is until we get a hateful waiter on here, then I guess I'll starve to death!
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Report this Post05-12-2000 10:17 AM Click Here to See the Profile for MonkeymanSend a Private Message to MonkeymanDirect Link to This Post
As a cashier (soon to be a manager I hope)...The customer is always right. Well, not always, but if I can lose .40 and keep a customer, it's well worth it. I have a regular customer (I've seen him every morning for the past 2 1/2 months) who buys a 5 pack of cigars every other day. The price on the shelf says $2.29, but the register rings up $2.39 (which happens to be the updated and correct price). I sell them to him for the cheaper price because that's the price on the shelf. Sure, I loose .30/week, but I gain $6.87/week. Being a good cashier is not as easy as it seems. There are alot of @$$holes out there. But sometimes, some of the biggest jer-ks can turn out to be some of the nicest folks. One lady (another regular customer) always seemed to have the worst attitude! I started thinking that she was a real bit**. Turns out that her husband had just committed suicide, her dog ran away, and she has to give up her house (been there for 40 years). I still don't like her attitude, but at least I can understand now. Sorry for rambling. I kinda forget my point.
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