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  raced my motorcycle this weekend.. OH MY GOD thats was the funnest time ive ever had

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raced my motorcycle this weekend.. OH MY GOD thats was the funnest time ive ever had by SpeedPhreak
Started on: 05-08-2000 01:38 PM
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Last post by: Spyder on 05-11-2000 12:58 PM
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Report this Post05-08-2000 01:38 PM Click Here to See the Profile for SpeedPhreakClick Here to visit SpeedPhreak's HomePageClick Here to Email SpeedPhreakSend a Private Message to SpeedPhreakDirect Link to This Post

ok so here it is... i am officially an addict.

school was 1st. we walked the track, watched our instructors from the corners take each turn. i was kinda dissapointed that they didnt spend more time on actuall riding technique... most of the class was on our particular track (ppir) & where to take the turns (which of course was good, but the pictures they drew pretty could come straight out of sport riders rider technique section). so we go out for our 1st session.. no brakes.. after 3 laps we get pulled in (2 to 1 student teacher ratio). & they tell us to start going faster & using brakes. so we start moving. my suspension is obviously not set up right cause i am all over the place.. i cant remember the last time my bike was that squirly in a corner... i felt like a total beginner bobbing my bike up & down telling my self to relaxe & steer w/my legs (my arms were stiff w/alot of pressure on the bars.). my a$$ end was wobbling all over the place under hard braking, plus im on street tires. so my group gets a little ahead of me in the tight stuff & the straights (modded r6's vs stock 97gsxr600) but i catch em in the fast turn 2 sweeper. we come in talk a min then go back out. this time each of us lead so teach can watch our lines. i was led 1st for a few laps then the other guy, i got left cause i messed up the s's, then my nuetral saftey kill switch popped out & i had to pit. i missed the rest of that session.

so now its time for our novice/student race. im gridded outside row 3, flag is up & im in 3rd (would have been 1st but couldnt figure a way around the guy in front of me).. in to turn 2 im holding good... then the bigger bikes pass me. i was hitting my apexes too early all day so i lose some more time in the tight turns. but i gain it back. i end up near the end after 4 laps but figured out my lines & started making some passes.. i pass a bike in fast turn 2 (as u can tell i like this turn.. wfo). go through the infield & see him poking around me on the right hander b4 the s's so i pick it up. into the final left on to the banked front straight.. im scraping pegs all the way through & when i hit the flat-banking transition i bottom out or run out of tire or sumthin cause im sliding on my a$$. i run over pick up my bike.. start it.. but it falls cause the steering damper is bent & the forks are locked. so my weekend is over early (i was scheduled for 2 more races) cause u have to have a damper to race... i should be ready in 2 wks for the next one.


i need race tires.. my street 207's are trashed.. ive never seen a street compound look like they do.. they are all trashed looking like a hard ridden 207gp. i look at them & the rear has literally a few milimeters of unused tread on the edges & the left where i wrecked has no unused tread. the front has like 1/4+ of an inch unused.. so i am assuming the profile was wrong. b4 i got my diploma i had to discuss why i crashed & answer correctly.. i told him my suspension was probably off (soft) & i over rode the limits of the tires... i guess he agreed cause i passed.

i need to take my forks to race teck.. they are so soft... the wiggly tail. & learn how to better dial in the suspension so i can concentrate on braking/downshifting/cornering/exit.

yoga or sumthin.. i was so nervous, i really needed to relax. i was so stiff.

this is something i thought i would never say.. i needed to lean off MORE. i guess i wasnt leaning off very far. i think my new leathers were constricting cause it felt funny to get very far off the seat. i was scraping pegs in some corners regularly w/out touching my knee down... my right puck looks new & my left is barely scratched.

so im gonna take that school again. then hopefully a national school will come around town soon. in the meen time i will be preparing for weekend #2 in 2 weeks.

a sort of silver lining is that i personally witnessed 3 more crashes in the exact same place & 2 of them were expert level riders.

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Report this Post05-08-2000 04:09 PM Click Here to See the Profile for ChadManClick Here to Email ChadManSend a Private Message to ChadManDirect Link to This Post
Wow, what a story! You've got nads, that's for sure. I've always respeced motorcycle racers - it takes bravery to race a car, but it takes bravery and a touch of insanity to race a bike.

I ride a 1973 Honda CB350 with the original tires, so I don't do much performance riding.

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Report this Post05-10-2000 07:57 PM Click Here to See the Profile for RiceCookerClick Here to Email RiceCookerSend a Private Message to RiceCookerDirect Link to This Post
Hey speedphreak, that's a really cool story, eh!
If i ever get a bike i'll have to be at least 40 years so i don't kill myself.
I really hate choppers or harleys or touring bikes, i think they look so goofy.
Pocket Rockets are the way to go, man!
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Report this Post05-11-2000 12:58 PM Click Here to See the Profile for SpyderSend a Private Message to SpyderDirect Link to This Post
Balls To The Walls Man!!!

I just learned how to ride on a friends motorcycle, and Iím glad I have the fear to live.
I would have killed myself when I was younger.
I like the custom bikes and choppers, donít care much about the Harleys , too much hype.
I would like to get a crouch rocket or a chopper. I like the bad arse attitude that you get when you ride.

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