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Vendor experience thread by mptighe
Started on: 06-12-2010 07:12 PM
Replies: 41
Last post by: Gandalf on 12-31-2010 12:00 PM
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Report this Post10-21-2010 08:16 PM Click Here to See the Profile for carnut122Send a Private Message to carnut122Direct Link to This Post
Fiero Store-always very fast, fair prices, shipping is a bit high, but they back their products. Always had good experiences with them.

Rodney Dickaman- he provides niche pieces that are well built. Always good experiences here too.

The Fiero Factory-been to many of their Swap Meets and I have nothing but positive thoughts about them.

Mr. Mike- I love those leather seats!

O'Reiley's-my favorite local source-low prices, fast, friendly, & competent.

Auto Zone- Even if I'm the only customer in there, I always have to wait-the last place in town I want to buy parts from-but they back their parts.

Advance Auto- Prices vary as too competitiveness, service is good, but they try to weasel out of replacing parts with "lifetime" warranties. Don't buy their throw-out bearings!

EBay-if it's obscure, it's either the Bay or nowhere. Mostly good experiences here and it's like Christmas when you get to open those packages.
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Fiero Store - As others have said here, their packaging leaves a lot to be desired. I spent around $800 on parts to be shipped to the UK, and they turned up in a long box, mostly loose. There were a couple of parts in there I hadn't ordered, but wasn't charged for. I think everything I had ordered was though. The great bit was that they managed to halve the shipping price the website came up with, AND they underquoted the value of the parts to cost price or lower for the documentation reducing the amount of duty I had to pay by a good amount. Service was pretty good, although they can be a little bit slow to answer emails. Telephone service was pretty much first rate.

Rodney Dickman - The old saying that you 'get what you pay for' is true here. Rodney's stuff ISN'T cheap, BUT I doubt I would ever be disappointed by anything bought from him. His zero lash drop links and aluminium cradle bushings are absolutely first rate (even if I did mess up installing one of the drop links a bit, my own fault!)

Rock Auto - What can I say - wow. I've been really impressed with Rock's prices, particularly on shipping. I can pay import duty and VAT at the point of sale, and I've ordered on a Friday evening and had a delivery on Monday morning before - to the UK!! All the parts I've ordered have been pretty much OK I think, never had any issues with anything.

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