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TH440 for V8 coversion? by rustychain
Started on: 01-09-2008 02:18 PM
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Last post by: Toddster on 01-10-2008 03:48 PM
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Report this Post01-09-2008 02:18 PM Click Here to See the Profile for rustychainClick Here to Email rustychainSend a Private Message to rustychainDirect Link to This Post
I am new to the Fiero world. I recently purchased a 1985 GT. My intent is to install a V8 in place of the 2.8L V6 automatic. I found a TH440 out of a 1989 Pontiac Bonneville. Will this transmission handle the torque of a sbc? I would like to stick to an automatic trasmission as I am too tall to shift a manual comfortably in this car. And my plan is to also use a carburated engine in order to eliminate the computer. This may be a little old school but it makes it easier in my mind to work on.
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Hey there,

The 440T4 will certainly work as long as you are not "extremely heavy" on the foot. It's only rated for about 235lbs/ft of torque which is a bit better than the TH-125 - 200lb/ft rating. It's a pretty strong trans but won't take a ton of abuse. Search 4T60 and 440T4 for some info. Since most of those early ones have a vac modulator etc, they work well with a good old carbed V8 (and nothing wrong with a carbed v8 either...)

You can also try IPT in NJ for some Hi-perf parts for the 4T60/440T4 (The 440T4/4T60 is the same by the way), GM made a mod in the designations for the trans at some point. Some parts for the -E trans (4T60-E, 65-E, 80-E and the GM F-7 which is kind of a beefed up 4T80 only found in the Caddy Allante) may interchange and they do have different valve bodies / shift kits for the 4T60/440T4's as well. IPT can tell you how to beef up the trans if you want to go a bit more crazy with the SBC.

You could also try paddle shifting a 4T65-E or 4T80-E like others have discussed but I'm not really not familiar with the feasibility of that. (Not really into paddle shifting...seems a bit annoying to me)..

Try here:

Also try here for the torque info:

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My Build Thread (see link in the signature) has some details of the 4T60 I had rebuilt to use with my LT1 swap - so far it's holding up well.



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Report this Post01-10-2008 03:48 PM Click Here to See the Profile for ToddsterClick Here to Email ToddsterSend a Private Message to ToddsterDirect Link to This Post
There a several good threads about the swap. You will need a new fuid tube, selector switch, VSS gear from your TH-125, Vacuum modulator and a vacuum source, a TCC set-up, modified rear mount holes, a custom shift cable bracket, and the axles from a 1987 Grand am with light brakes for starters.

Just do a search under 4T60 or TH440
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