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air in coolant system?? by sumerset64
Started on: 11-17-2007 09:45 AM
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Last post by: Hudini on 11-17-2007 10:33 AM
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My first time to so this. Changed the water pump. Will I now have air in the coolant system. How do you "burp" a Fiero? Have seen references to it other posts, but don't quite know the process.
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Report this Post11-17-2007 10:33 AM Click Here to See the Profile for HudiniClick Here to Email HudiniSend a Private Message to HudiniDirect Link to This Post
I've had good luck with the standard burping procedure in the Haynes manual. Others have had to resort to more involved measures like those in Ogre's Cave ( Don't know why it works for most but not all.

I don't jack up the rear of the car but it does not hurt and may even help. Depends if you are on a level surface to start. Remove t-stat cap. Remove t-stat. Remove front radiator cap. If you have a helper then have them pour 50/50 coolant mix into the t-stat housing at the engine while you watch the radiator. When you see coolant rise to the rad cap then put it back on and tighten. If you are alone then place a catch pan under the car and fill the t-stat housing until fluid runs out the radiator. Stop filling and tighten the rad cap. Now fill the t-stat housing until it won't take any more. The last little bit takes awhile to completely top off because some runs into the metal crossover tube on the back side. When completely full then replace t-stat housing cap. Leave the t-stat out. Fill the overflow tank to FULL COLD mark. Now run the car for a minute or so. Not long, just want the coolant to circulate and force any air to move to the top. Shut off car and top off the t-stat housing again. Now replace the t-stat and top off coolant. Replace t-stat cap and run car to normal temp. Now top off the overflow tank to the FULL HOT mark. All subsequent filling is done through the overflow tank.
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