Information (Last update: August 18th, 2006)

History of PFF

PFF was born on January 13, 1999. I was a member of most Fiero email lists out there, but wasn't all too happy with receiving tons of emails in my mailbox every day. I searched high and low for a Fiero related messageboard, but couldn't find one. I had the resources myself to create one, so I downloaded the freeware version of Ultimate Bulletin Board and installed that on one of my servers. I posted a few messages on newsgroups about its existence and never really expected it to take off. As it turned out, there was a high demand for a forum like this, and in just over 3 months the forum welcomed its 100th member.

One of the reasons the forum was so succesful immediately was because from the start a few very knowledgeable people embraced the forum. One of these persons is theogre, a member who is still around and who is a technical marvel. His technical papers can be found by clicking on the "Ogre's Cave" link on the left.

I always made it a point that I wanted the forum to be self-moderating. I don't believe in one person telling all the others what they are and aren't allowed to post. This has been largely successful. Although flamewares do exist on PFF, in comparison to other forums it's all quite peaceful.

By now PFF has had over 9.5 million hits, more than 13,000 people have registered, and over 2 million messages have been posted, all which can still be found in the archives. Since I started allowing images to be posted together with the messages, more than 100,000 images have been uploaded to the PFF server. This makes it the largest Fiero related photo database in the world - by far. All in all, PFF is 17.2 Gb of Fiero related data.

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