I have had enough of this. (Page 1/22)
fierofetish AUG 03, 11:22 PM
This OT section has gone so bitter, so sour, so vindictive...so...NASTY, I can't bear to read it any more. And to be honest, I was going to just take a break until the Election was over...but in my heart of hearts, it won't stop then either...probably get worse.
The absolute continual bombardment of rhetoric, of hate and bitterness is just too much. I used to love being here. I don't any more. I get no pleasure reading this vitriol, these cut and pastes of sheer virulence, sheer..HORROR..it is just too much. It depresses me so much. I get enough of it here in my REAL life..I don't need any more thanks.
fastblack AUG 03, 11:31 PM
sad thing is it's the usual suspects most of the time. There are a few members' topics I just skip over just because of who posted it (the thread title usually helps too).

I just stay out of it. It really narrows down which threads you read, but by the way it sounds you don't want any of it anyways. Stick around, O/T wouldn't be the same without ya.
pontiackid86 AUG 03, 11:34 PM
The whole forum has become like this.. You cant post anywhere anymore without somepone tryoing to dog you in the mouth over it.. I also really cant stand how every other post in O/T has something to do with politics..
TheDigitalAlchemist AUG 03, 11:53 PM
Sheesh man- apply the proper filters, and maybe create a few "fun" threads... Like the old "game" threads...

I know some people are tired of my threads, and I'm sure there are those who roll their eyes when you post one about money issues or family strife...

People love your 'creative' threads, where you share your projects and beautiful metal work...

But I hear ya, things are getting 'jagged', and it's not just here. The whole damn world needs to take a step back and "normalize"- debts, disputes, etc.
Won't happen, but that's what we need. Eff this stupid "green" stuff. This political BS, it's all a game, and not an enjoyable one to watch...

Just take a nap, and don't get to wrapped up about all this stuff.

It's not worth it. Sorry man. Just enjoy the good stuff we find here...

I isially stay out of politics for that reason. Maybe with re vamping the sight, cliff could add a politics only section! On the flip side though, once I see it getting ugly, I just back out! But, I do see your point!
Tony Kania AUG 04, 12:02 AM
Spot on Nick. It is time for a break. I find myself being attacked by those that I respect? For doing the right thing? I just don't get it. Many of our members are crooks, theives, and just horrible people. But, it seems that when they do that one good thing, all is forgiven? While those of us that are good citizens get pounded in the azz. Well, if you are going to screw me, at least a shot of lube, or perhaps spit on the end before entry.

I am guilty myself of trolling. But, it was for MY reasons. Reasons that are morally correct. My compass points north.

Hang in there. Things won't change, but we don't need them to. Let others run their own lives. Let us run our own.

TheDigitalAlchemist AUG 04, 12:06 AM
I wonder if Cliff reads these sorts of threads and just shakes his head and wonders why so many people feel the need to "take a break"... From WHAT? The OT section of a car forum? I get "burnt out", too, I "get it"... I'll be away for a few days next week, but not because I want to leave this place. Just have to take care of some stuff...

Lots of "good" here, still. Just need to keep things in perspective.

Enjoy the rest of yer weekend folks...
Red88FF AUG 04, 12:52 AM
Everything seams pretty normal around here to me. In fact, maybe a bit more tame than years gone by.

TK AUG 04, 12:55 AM
Let's talk about something fun - like magic!

It goes in waves. We might be at a crest but as mentioned above, it's been worse. The election cycle doesn't help either.
williegoat AUG 04, 01:10 AM
There are a half dozen or so, who seek to use O/T as a stage on which they might publicly exorcize the demons which privately torment them; and another group, equally small, who form the foundation without whom this place would be much less pleasant. You, Mr. Fierofetish, are of the latter. Please tolerate us, a little longer
In the words of Neil Young, “Don't let it bring you down....”