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Midwest Fiero Clubs DEC 26, 04:41 PM
A printable itinerary for the 35th! :

Also see here for a schedule, as well as on facebook.

Check out the Facebook Event: The Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration

For questions about registration please email:

If you would like to volunteer to help at the event, please email:

Do you have an hour or three to help make this event successful? Experience not required, but motivation is helpful!

If you would like to volunteer to help at this historic event in any way, please email:


Fiero 35th Anniversary Celebration
August, 8 2018 – August, 12 2018
Embassy Suites
100 Conference Center Drive
East Peoria, IL 61611

------------------ < details about the show found here!

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hookdonspeed JAN 22, 09:21 PM
Midwest Fiero Clubs FEB 27, 09:28 AM

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gldkarma MAR 05, 08:49 PM
Great logo! Looking forward to it! Are hotel reservations open yet? What are the rates? Do we have an event code?

Midwest Fiero Clubs MAR 09, 11:36 AM
Look for more hotel information to come out approximately a year out from the event date.
gldkarma MAR 11, 12:12 AM
Okay! Thanks!!
mmeyer86gt/gtp MAR 28, 01:24 AM
you guys should do some events

slowest drag race

fiero knowledge quiz like 100 question hard quiz with no one cheating using their phone

pinewood derby for the family break it up by age groups and ensure rules are set 6 months prior to the event to ensure all rules are known and no questions needed use $ for entry to cover trophy / plaque / certificates for the event

model car / diarama display with popular vote to winner

Tech sessions covering things like winter maintenance / interior fabric care / 12v and leds / finding that battery drain / what things that should have been replaced by now and how to avoid a breakdown / steering column disassembly and fix / steering rack disassembly and fix

Midwest Fiero Clubs APR 20, 08:45 AM
Thanks mmeyer86gt/gtp. We are in the planning stages and we do plan to have some fun side events
Christine MAY 31, 11:14 PM
I am looking forward to this event, it is almost a year away now.
Does anyone know when we should or can start booking rooms at the Hotel?
Midwest Fiero Clubs JUN 07, 08:32 AM
More hotel information is to be announced in August.