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owenslee AUG 07, 08:35 PM

Originally posted by Midwest Fiero Clubs:

Spectators are welcome at any of the activities.
We would recommend if you do not drive a Fiero (or ride in one) that if you want to go where the Fiero cruises go, you don't get between the Fieros in the cruise. (Ruins pictures)

Understood...Can I assume this includes access by my wife and I to all of the guest speaker presentations?
Midwest Fiero Clubs AUG 07, 11:08 PM

Originally posted by owenslee:

Understood...Can I assume this includes access by my wife and I to all of the guest speaker presentations?

It sure does
Midwest Fiero Clubs AUG 07, 11:10 PM
A map of the host hotel area including trailer parking.

Midwest Fiero Clubs AUG 07, 11:14 PM
BEN SCHEIWE will be at The Fiero 35th Anniversary presented by Black Top Racing!


- Assigned to the original TEAM FIERO as PMD financial liaison / specialist from the initial concept approval process through prototype build, preliminary product and facilities planning initiation and build out. Part of GM VP Robert Stempel team.

- Direct interface with PMD Product Engineering, Design Center, Financial, Manufacturing (to include Facilities Planning), Purchasing and Prototype Build Team, AND, Fisher Body Manufacturing, Planning and Financial teams.

Later, helped launch PONTIAC MOTORSPORTS…Management Responsibilities

- Direct Interface with sanctioning bodies (NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, IMSA, SCCA, USAC)

- Direct Interface with all PMD Staff areas, Design Center and GM Corporate Staffs

- Race Team Coordination // Owners, Sponsors, Teams and Drivers

- PMD Sales / Motorsports Sales Promotions Programs

- Sponsorship Development and National Co-Promotion

- Parts Program / Distribution / Supply Chain

- Pace Car Programs / Pace Car Driver

- Sales / Marketing Motorsports Promotions, Public Relations, Individual Track / SEMA / Indy 500, Grand Prix, etc. Events and Activities

- PMD Zone / Dealer Sales, Marketing, Media and Sales Promotion Programs

- Carline and Vehicle Programs and Development

- Budget, Cost Analysis and Planning

FIERO Motorsports Specific…

- IMSA, SCCA Team Development / Coordination, Promotion

- Motorsports Design and Engineering Program Interface

- 1984 INDY 500 Program …Pace Car Program Manager other than actual Pace Car (Build, Development / Driver (John Callies)

- Pace Car Driver / Select USAC Races, SCCA, Pikes Peak Hill Climb

- Later, FIERO Aftermarket / Prototype / PPG Pace Car Body Engineering and PMD Special Projects and Vehicle Builds (Director, AUTOFAB, Inc.)
2.5 AUG 13, 01:01 PM
A few pics for you all. This was an amazing event!

Awesome event, do not miss the 40th!

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sledcaddie AUG 13, 08:49 PM
Had a great time at the Fiero 35th! Met lots of great people. Loved the COLORFUL 35th Anniversary shirts! Saw some friends again who we met at the 30th. Learned a lot of new info from others. Met a lot of parts and equipment vendors. Well worth it. I've already got some ideas on what to improve on our Fiero (that we've had for 33 years). We only met a couple of people who have owned their Fiero longer. I hope the 40th is somewhere in the midwest again. Maybe Kansas City?
Old Lar AUG 20, 08:51 AM
Old Lar drove up from Florida with Mark Fisher.. Some 22 hours of seat time for the trip up. One ICM replacement (thanks to Tom Harding) as I had a replacement in my parts box. One dead radiator fan once I got to Pontiac. (Thanks to Bernie's Auto in Pontiac for a quick repair). The another 22+ hours back home. A bit over 2500 miles and the car averaged 28+ mpg. I had the only stock 87 GT, but I was in a non judged class. (only mods were Borla exhaust tips, Mr Mike's new cloth interior and LED headlights) That much driving it was too much to do any great detailing clean up.

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Midwest Fiero Clubs AUG 20, 11:26 AM
Looking for your chance to get some official 35th Fiero Anniversary merchandise?

The new online store is open!

T Shirts
Kids coloring books
Front Fascia badges
Bottle Coolers
Can Coolers
Leather frame folio
Matthew_Fiero MAR 17, 03:36 PM
I am saddened I missed this. I have been out of the picture for a few years. I am going to get back into Fiero mode!
Cheever3000 SEP 11, 10:26 PM

Originally posted by 2.5:

The DL-10 is looking good! Who owns it now?