One of the quick jabs my dad made years ago (Page 1/1)
Blitz54 MAR 24, 05:51 PM
Just been planning work on the Fiero, and it popped into my head one of the little jabs he got at me years ago.

My buddy had a truck and trailer, so he helped me pick up the Fiero when I bought it I think in 2018. He even brought me money to pay for it because my bank isn't in the city, so he saved me a couple bucks from using a random ATM. I got him to take the car out to my parents town, he lives 3 miles from them, and I stopped in town to get the cash to pay him back.

So he gets to my parents yard, dad comes out to help him unload the car. As they're doing so, my dad says "I'm glad he's getting into cars, now he just needs to get into girls". The absolute disrespect to throw that one out there when I wasn't around to defend myself haha. I'm sure I got him back in the years after, but I never fully recovered from that one.