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maryjane FEB 13, 07:48 PM

Originally posted by williegoat:

I've never heard the song (had to look it up), but the story sounds familiar.

Parts of your music education has been badly neglected.

We were standing on a mountain top
Where the cactus flowers grow

I was wishing that the world would stop
When you said, "We'd better go"

We took a row boat across the Rio Grande
Captain Pablo was our guide

For two dollars in a weathered hand
He rowed us to the other side


We stepped out onto the golden sand
The sun was high and burning down

Rented donkeys from an old blind man
Saddled up and rode to town

Tied our donkeys to an Ironwood tree
By the stream where children play

We went in the first place we could see
Serving cold beer in the shade

Gringo Honeymoon.

BTDT, Boquillas. Jane & I crossed, most likely in the same little rowboat.