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82-T/A [At Work] JAN 16, 11:55 AM
Long story short... I have a Bowflex which I absolutely love. I recently removed it from my garage to give my daughter more room to work on her car, and I moved / reassembled it under a covered / screened lanai that we have here in Florida.

Almost overnight, I'm starting to see rust form on some spots of the metal, like the clasps and stuff. This really irks me, and I'm thinking of moving it back. It's amazing to me that a garage (which has no air conditioning and essentially also has exposure to the outside air from vents... could be so drastically different. When I went out on the Lanai, everything was covered with dew from the humidity this morning.

Question... is there ANYTHING I can do to eliminate the moisture on this?

Would putting a canvas tarp (not a plastic one) over the equipment prevent dew from forming on it? Do I have to enclose the lanai with plexiglass?


maryjane JAN 16, 09:29 PM
Lanais are always enclosed.
If yours is not, it's a porch or patio.
theogre JAN 17, 12:56 AM
Covering won't help often make it worse.
+ Several bowflex units/kits have bees recall. Go to bowflex or

Moisture & other crap in air can affect bowflex items even if doesn't rust you see.

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BingB JAN 17, 11:31 AM
What kind of surface is on the parts that are rusting? If it is not the entire unit then maybe just paint the parts that are rusting.

BTW When I was younger I did a good bit of lifting. A lot of meatheads scoffed at the bowflex as a "gimmick", but it is actually a very good machine if used properly.

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82-T/A [At Work] JAN 18, 08:53 AM
Thanks guys. I love this thing... but yeah, it's a porch on the back of the house that's screened in. It sits on a large concrete slab that's insulated, and sits probably a foot high from the ground, and the slab is about 3 feet thick (though likely only 2 feet thick in the center, but the wall is 3 feet). I've noticed that the clasps started rusting, almost immediately. Nothing else really has yet, but it's only been outside for 4 days.

What I find interesting is that I don't have any air conditioning or heat in the garage, and yet everything remains completely rust free in there. There are vents on the side of the building, and also in the garage door. So how is there not dew inside the garage, but there is on the patio? Is it because of the ability for the garage to maintain a more stable (slower transition) of temperature change, and therefore it doesn't create condensation / dew?

I could enclose my patio and then make it a lanai...

Ugh... so no possibility that if I put a canvas (almost like a burlap) tarp over the machine when I'm not using it, that it could make a difference? Not like a plastic tarp... but one of those painters sheets if you will...
williegoat JAN 18, 11:35 AM
If you are close to the shore, it could be the salt air.

When I lived in Ormond Beach back in the late '60s, my neighbor had a new Gibson SG that started to show spots in the chrome, after the first night he left the windows open. We were about 1,600' from the Atlantic.