New 3D printer: Creality 3 V3 SE (Page 6/6)
williegoat JAN 13, 05:55 PM
I have uploaded the spool holder to Thingiverse:

The color filter hanger is now on Thingiverse:

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AusFiero JAN 15, 07:54 AM
One of my many hobbies. Always car related though
I am running a Flashforge Creator Pro for the smaller stuff and 2 colours and a Flashforge Guider IIs V2 for the larger stuff

williegoat JAN 16, 01:53 PM
This filament is supposed to look like gold. It doesn't really, but I like the color, nonetheless.

This print is a tissue box cover that I designed with Blender. I can post the .STL on Thingiverse, if anyone is interested.
Valkrie9 JAN 19, 06:40 PM

Exciting days, what it takes to get it done.
From a printed plastic part to cast metal.
What part for your Fiero can you imagine ?
williegoat JAN 22, 01:44 PM
More fun with 3D printing, a little experiment:

I had a picture of a vulture that I took a few years ago.

I loaded it into GIMP, played with it a little, then exported a .PNG

Next, I loaded the .PNG into Cura and exported an .STL.

Then, to Blender to add a baseplate.

Finally, back to Cura for the .GCODE, and here is the result:

Far from perfect, but I learned some things I can use.
williegoat JAN 22, 09:09 PM
Getting closer...

Third try...

Better detail and cleaner print.

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williegoat FEB 03, 11:41 AM

williegoat FEB 06, 03:24 PM
This is a test. I am going to print a larger one for a friend's garage wall.

I found the original model on Thingiverse:

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