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ls3mach NOV 23, 09:32 PM
I have a friend who is under employed. He makes 75k in Oklahoma, so not broke. He wants to storm at a large corporation, but has no degree. He is easolt overqualified. He isn't great with his personal finances and has no college
To get the job he'd need to make more he needs the paper. I could forge it. No government logo only makes it a fireable offense, but he can't risk not being able to go back to his current job.

Online colleges really looking for money more than actually doing anything? Anyone have any experience with this type of suspect crap? I'll front the money for him, as I said he's bad at money. I just need it to hold mustard if ever questioned

He's my parents age, so he's been able to get by with no extra education. He has more experience than me and I can't even hire him. I don't even use my degree, but that useless piece of parchment was all it took.

PM if you don't want to broadcast some shady stuff.

MJ. I need a new pair of "work" boots. I wear khaki slacks and my Doc Martin's split on me and they were only like $200 so probably not worth resole even if I knew a place that did. I had some Justin's that i don't think were anything special either. I like steel toe, but composite is fine. I want Ariat, but I'm a coonass not a cowboy and I thought you werent too happy with your last pair. I was going to get fitted for Red Wing, but I read they aren't even USA anymore. Keep in mind I walk or stand. No real labor. As I said, I'll be wearing them with khaki slacks.

Thanks all. Enjoy your holidays.

Boot question doesn't have to be Don. Really anyone is fine. Keep in mind no real labor, but could be up to a marathon of walking in a day. At my cadence my mile is 1900 steps roughly and I have had as many as 53k a day. 13EE foot size. I wanted to try wider on my last pair, but I was worried my feet would get used to all that extra width and I'd be ruined for the future. No real budget. USA preferred. Comfort is key.

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ls3mach NOV 23, 10:43 PM
Sorry for typos. I'm too cheap to fix my phone screen. I get anything from Zappos virtually free, but I'll go out of pocket. I bought a pair of $40 insoles from there and they flat out suck. The safety shoes I got from there were ESD and like 2 boards on your feet even with insoles.

I was told the insoles you heat up to fit your foot only exacerbate my already poor habits. No clue if I have high, low, fallen, whatever arches. I rock flops or barefoot otherwise.

I am sure I'm immortal (we all remember the 50 caliber incident) so I need the years I do have to be comfortable.
TheDigitalAlchemist NOV 23, 10:44 PM
I remember Doc Martins back in the 80's - Friend of mine always wore them. "Acid proof sole" or whatever. Stitched. Steel toe. Broke my leg on one of them, once while playing football. Those boots lasted forever. I think they started gluing them and had fake stitching around the sole. Those fell apart quick.

I went to online school during one of my jobs back in the day because the job agreed to pay for half. The classes were legit. But they were computer-related. I know others who have had negative experiences with some classes, but if a piece of paper gets you a "better" job, it's worth the investment (as long as you aren't taking out a loan)

Hope you (and all the other smelly people here) have a very nice and safe and "non-virally" remainder of the year, and are able to be with loved ones and such.

oops, Did I type "smelly"? I meant to type "FRIENDLY (and smelly)"

TheDigitalAlchemist NOV 23, 10:48 PM

Originally posted by ls3mach:

I am sure I'm immortal (we all remember the 50 caliber incident) so I need the years I do have to be comfortable.

Wait, didn't you shoot yourself in the heiny?

The local CVS has a machine you stand on and it tells you what (exensive) insole you can buy. But I use the Dr. Scholes "Hey you -you're a fatso, wear THESE, ya fatso" insoles (for those above 200 LBS) they make my flat feet feel nice and not horrible.
rinselberg NOV 23, 10:55 PM
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension (San Jose, California)

Many of the courses are offered online:

Certifications, but not Degrees

I don't know if someone could online-course their way all the way to a Certification without ever going onto the campus itself.

I completed a number of their courses in the computer science and software engineering regimes. At least one, online. I never visited the campus for that one.
Hudini NOV 24, 03:28 AM
Here is a link comparing "cheap" boots. Cheap is relative as $200 ain't cheap in my book.

ls3mach NOV 24, 06:33 AM
To clarify it's a logistics type job. Nothing IT. All my IT certs are mostly expired. Money stopped being worth it years ago. I can go knock out 6 figures selling stainless, FedEx is hiring at $30.09 and home daily. Friend drives her own truck pulling down decent money. This guy has 1 skill it's all he's ever done. Personally I'd just alter mine, but he's worried he'll get found out.

$200 for work shoes doesn't really seem a lot when your walking or standing all day. I mostly oversee things but one of their facilities is over 2 million sqft. I knock down 10k steps before 10AM. After the GSW I stared jogging. I can knock out a 5k in easily under 30 in full work attire otherwise around 20 minutes. I'm only 5'10" and hover around 200lbs. 175 I look weird. We all call it skinny fat. 275 was my heaviest ever. Never again.

I still sell stainless, but I'm on the sidelines. This job would pay for his schooling and start him close to his current wage, but he's a gaywad and too scared. He'd take a 10k cut, but perks and benefits easily would outweigh that. He's not a big picture guy, probably why if he joined he'd be working for me instead.

I'll check your spot Hudini.

PS. Don't tell Roger I'm not/nor ever working at Best Buy. He's made 3 million over 70 years of life and whew that's a lot rofl.
ls3mach NOV 24, 06:37 AM

Originally posted by Hudini:

Here is a link comparing "cheap" boots. Cheap is relative as $200 ain't cheap in my book.

20 minutes man? Did you watch it? Can I get the quick and easy? I just wish articles were written again. I read fast.
ls3mach NOV 24, 06:38 AM

Originally posted by TheDigitalAlchemist:

Wait, didn't you shoot yourself in the heiny?

You mind your business and worry about your own booty.

MidEngineManiac NOV 24, 09:11 AM
I've got a pair of these and they are good all day when I need to wear them (not that often anymore really), plus I have a pair of Dr. Schoels gell inserts in them. A little spendy but they are comfortable and will probably last me the rest of my life.