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theogre JUL 20, 10:59 AM
Another company is now moved back to getting Sued...

Most should got E-mail in last few days but likely Didn't Read...

Dear Reg Blank,

We wanted to let you know that we recently updated our Conditions of Use.

One of our updates involves how disputes are resolved between you and Amazon. Previously, our Conditions of Use set out an arbitration process for those disputes. Our updated Conditions of Use provides for dispute resolution by the courts.

Please visit to read our updated terms in full.

As always, your use of any Amazon service constitutes your agreement to our Conditions of Use.

Thank you,


Note: Do Not copy/follow the 2 "Conditions of Use" links. Those are "Finger Printed" to your account and that message. I've removed link code to quote here.

This becoming more common as many have been paying the Arbitration firms Millions of $ in Fees alone because many lawyers found a way to files 10's to 100's of Thousands and more Claims. Then some State have made problems too...

Buried in Arbitration Claims, Amazon Asks for Lawsuits
Court Throws Out Arbitration Agreement
Both from Steve Lehto

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