High Theatre: The Official Gov Newsome Recall Election Thread (Page 1/1)
Notorio JUL 18, 05:27 PM
Greetings Political Fans. The up-coming September election promises to provide moments of High Theatre not seen since 2003 and the successful recall of Gov. Gray Davis. This thread will capture the news, developments, and dirty tricks (if any) related to the 2021 Recall election of Gov. Newsome. Just for the record, I give this exercise in futility a 0% chance of succeeding, inasmuch as Gavin Newsome is Nancy Pelosi's nephew. Why should YOU care about this beyond the mere entertainment value? Consider that California has the FIFTH largest economy in the entire World. At a $3.1T GDP for 2020 this puts the State just ahead of the UK at $2.8T (source: WorldPopulationReview.com). Will CA continue down its 'Land of Fruits and Nuts' path unrestrained, where its 2/3 Democrat supermajority can implement anything it wants? You have probably heard the often repeated quote, 'Where California goes, so goes the Nation.'

As of 18 Jul there appears to be only 41 people on the not-yet-finalized list of eligible candidates, a mere shadow of the 2003 list which climbed to 135 (down from the 158 who filed papers!) Spectacular personalities grabbed for the brass ring, ranging from Arianna Huffington, former child actor Gary Coleman, and pornographer Larry Flynt. Of course the ultimate winner was actor and body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), afterwards often referred to as The Governator. He angered the Left by often referring to entrenched Sacramento politicians as 'girlie men' who 'didn't have the guts' to stand up to special interests. Here is a news clipping of the bold challengers that filed and a graphic of the election results in:

Stay tuned for developments ...

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IMSA GT JUL 18, 05:51 PM
Larry Elder will win.
Rickady88GT JUL 18, 06:28 PM
I want him gone. Like pelosi said "for ever". But feel that he will stay. California loves the free stuff he is giving away.
randye JUL 18, 07:14 PM

Originally posted by Notorio:

Is that an old photo of the comedian Gallagher in the middle of the 2nd row from the top?

Looks like another California Clown Car full of misfits, flakes, fruits, nuts, and weirdos.

So many of them that they could only fit 1/3 of them on front page photos...

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IMSA GT JUL 18, 08:07 PM

Originally posted by Rickady88GT:

I want him gone. Like pelosi said "for ever". But feel that he will stay. California loves the free stuff he is giving away.

What scares me is the caliber of young people nowadays. Back when you and I were young, we were raised on different beliefs that basically made us the responsible people we are today. Now the kids believe EVERYTHING they see on their little cell phones and may vote for that freak Jenner just because they love watching the Kardashians on television, not because he is of value to this state. That's why the world is going down the toilet. Look at Trump vs Biden. People voted for Biden because he was the only thing available and you see where that got us.
Notorio JUL 21, 11:54 PM
Well, the second* 'dirty trick' has already come and gone. CA Secretary of State Shirley Weber ruled that conservative radio commentator Larry Elder did not meet the requirements to be a recall election candidate. Breaking from Republican Tradition to shake their fist and lament 'we'll get 'em next time' Elder challenged the decision in court. This afternoon a California Judge ruled in his favor!

Radio host Larry Elder wins fight to enter California recall

* the first dirty trick was for Newsome to relax Covid restrictions but NOT terminate the State of Emergency. He then directed that the Recall Election would be 100% by mail-in ballots. I'll let the Reader draw their own conclusions ...
Rickady88GT JUL 22, 11:23 AM
"Recalled,....FOR EVER!!"