How have you all been? (Page 1/3)
pontiackid86 JUN 03, 08:21 AM
Long time fellas. How have you all been?
Lambo nut JUN 03, 09:15 AM
Getting plenty of five finger discounts in the junkyards and flying planes.
css9450 JUN 03, 10:20 AM
It HAS been a long time! Navy, right?
williegoat JUN 03, 10:21 AM
Well howdy, stranger. Welcome back.
Are you still driving or are you on to a new game?
Hank is Here JUN 03, 10:42 AM
wow a blast from the past!!! Ya still driving truck?
maryjane JUN 03, 10:57 AM
Doing well and not much has changed here Kid.
TheDigitalAlchemist JUN 03, 11:57 AM
Fatter, Greyer, Fiero-less, but pretty much the same.

Welcome back
2.5 JUN 03, 02:29 PM
Doing well.
Even more involved with Fieros and car events than back in the day.
steve308 JUN 03, 04:54 PM
So is this the semi annual I'm back and then you disappear again? Just asking for a friend Hope you are well and prospering.
pontiackid86 JUN 03, 06:35 PM
Still alive.... still driving... 7 years at my current company. Got married, bought a beautiful water front house. Still got the IMSA and getting ready to restart that mera project I have... good to see you guys.