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tbone42 APR 06, 09:57 PM
Jake had gotten ahold of me a few months back and said I should stop in and say hi. I've been so many places and done so many things since last time I was here..I scarcely know where to start.

A few summers back I hit the road in my converted sprinter van. I'm sure at some point I said I would post photos of what I did, but I'm likely trading up for a skoolie or a shuttle bus to convert after the summer is over.

I fell in love with Montana. Bought a little piece of property on the Clarks Fork Yellowstone just north of Wyoming. I spend my summers there with the dog in solitude. I spend that time working on myself..reading, training jujutsu and just living basic.

I sold my business building in 2018 after I had back surgery and arm surgery. I'm not exactly disabled, but tattooing has basically come to an end since all my injuries left me aching after working.

Nowadays I work March to June and September to December for a friend who has me photographing his auction listings here in Ohio. I save up money to go back out on the road, I live for the time I have away by myself.

I've become such a wrench turner lately, I fear no repair. Recently been working on my boss's crown vics and also my sprinter... Transmission issues but I got them sorted out. Mercedes T1n sprinters are a dream to work on, just like fieros.

Shout out to my fiero fam. Been working in my Fiero the last couple weeks and it reminded me I needed to come say hi just like Jake said I should. I hope everyone is well, I missed many of you very much.


theBDub APR 06, 10:15 PM
Nice to hear from you. Hate to hear about the pain, but I am reading that the end result isn’t too bad. Sounds like a nice peaceful life. Sometimes I get the itch for something similar myself. Be well.
rinselberg APR 06, 11:22 PM
Still here at the "old stand"

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tbone42 APR 06, 11:31 PM
I just noticed my post count isn't nearly as padded as it used to be. Probably have to change that, argue and fight like the old days. Ehhh..I'm too old and tired for most of that anymore.
Jake_Dragon APR 07, 12:16 AM
Its nice to see you posting.
The place is the same, we still fight like a bunch of knuckle heads. But for the most part if one of us needed something nothing like a fellow Fiero guy to step up.

Sounds like you have had some nice adventures. I bet that is some beautiful country.
Rickady88GT APR 07, 10:41 AM
Did I hear somebody say they wanted an argument? LOL
We have more in common than we disagree with.
Glad you aren't gone.
2.5 APR 07, 10:44 AM
Good to hear from you Tbone.
Rickady88GT APR 07, 10:51 AM

Originally posted by 2.5:

Good to hear from you Tbone.

I have to admit that every time I see or hear "t bone" it reminds me of an episode of Seinfeld. George wanted a cool nickname and he chose to call him self t bone.
Good stuff
williegoat APR 07, 11:59 AM
Ted's big adventure!

What is on the soundtrack?
2.5 APR 07, 01:47 PM

Originally posted by williegoat:

Ted's big adventure!

What is on the soundtrack?