2.5, Paul Rosernberg; building parallel societies. Economic, etc.. (Page 1/1)
sourmash APR 06, 09:17 PM

This video on mostly on the economy and made me think of you.
I usually listen at 1.5 times normal speed.
rinselberg APR 06, 10:31 PM
"Parallel Societies: Nature’s Way of Improving The World"
Paul Rosenberg for Doug Casey's "International Man"; date?

Brief essay.

Speculates on four paths for "parallelism"
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • "New" biology, references sequencing of human genomes
  • Home schooling
  • Space travel

I won't say anything more at the moment. It's outside of the Infotainment box that's my "happy zone."

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sourmash APR 06, 10:40 PM
Space travel? What time mark?
You just don't like what Paul says late in the video about the people in charge now.

Early on he makes the point that government is force. You will do things they want or they will hurt you, which is true. They don't serve.

A developed point at around 56 minutes is about appropriated power and real power. Gov has appropriated power. Truckers can have real power by telling DC they aren't going to bring goods to DC.

It's a good watch, unless you're a leftist SJW sympathizer.
rinselberg APR 06, 10:46 PM
I didn't play any of the video.

I was curious and found a short essay online that he has authored.
sourmash APR 07, 09:19 AM
Well, he doesn't expound on any of that except crypto. He mentions home schooling when asked but it isnt a point he's making. No space travel that I recall and no genome.

He properly describes the current admin, but doesn't talk about the last one.