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skywurz APR 06, 02:00 PM
So there are actually two new to me PayPal scams that i'm going to rant about. I have typically considered PayPal safe until recently, now I am really starting to wonder.

Scam 1. (The Scammer is the Buyer)

This scam starts out really simply. You sell something to someone and they pay via PayPal and you ship them the item via USPS. Item is delivered after a few days you don't hear back from the buyer life goes on. 120 days later, the buyer contacts you asking about their shipment. USPS has a 120 day recycle on tracking unless you pay for them to hold it longer ($2.50 per tracking number i think for 6 months). The tracking information is now gone. PayPal has a 180 day dispute window. The buyer now opens an undelivered case against you. PayPal will then automatically side with the buyer as you have no proof of any shipment. You are now out the Item, Money and Shipping costs.

Scam 2 (Scammer is the Seller)

This scam is actually more widely known. You buy something from someplace. They provide you with a tracking number (While reading about 120 day USPS recycle of tracking numbers I read about this scam.) They provide you with a tracking number that has just been reissued. Now you feel good you have purchased an item and you have a fresh tracking number. Days go on and your new item is now out for delivery... In the wrong City and State. it gets marked as delivered. You go to open a dispute with PayPal about item not delivered. They side with the seller because tracking says delivered.

For both of these you can appeal and get a real person involved because they are initially handled automatically. This becomes dragged out and requires a bunch of leg work with no guarantees.

Be safe out there in computer land.
LitebulbwithaFiero APR 06, 02:05 PM
As a seller, scrint print the delivered screen from the tracking site.
skywurz APR 06, 02:10 PM
I had read about doing this and had seen mixed results for the appeal. It is better to have something than nothing. Print to PDF is simple enough.
Jake_Dragon APR 06, 03:28 PM
This is why I have never used Paypal
My CC has protection that will side with me "most of the time"
2.5 APR 06, 03:36 PM
Never had a prob with Paypal. But I also dont have a business selling stuff, I'm sure the more one deals the more chances they have to get screwed. I did find it interesting that Ebay apparently just changed to their own payments instead of paypal. Probly "politics".

120 days is rediculous, no company should let something wait that long and honor the complaint.

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James Bond 007 APR 11, 10:09 PM
China likes to say their in the U.S., but actually not. (Sometimes their location is found under a 2nd location, customer reviews). Now that they pretend their in the U.S., they charge you tax!!