Looks like she had good gun handling, tho. (Page 1/2)
sourmash APR 06, 10:37 AM

Photos show woman shooting at Burger King employees—allegedly because of drive-thru wait time
Police offered a $1,000 reward for the woman's identity.
Apr 5, 2021, 6:46 pm* Samira Sadeque
Photos from the surveillance camera at a Burger King in Tennessee show a woman shooting at employees—allegedly because she had to wait for her order at a drive-thru, according to WZTV.

MidEngineManiac APR 06, 12:08 PM
Damn whites making her wait, got what they deserved. Forced waiting is a HATE CRIME ! </sarcasm>
olejoedad APR 06, 02:44 PM
So does that make it a wait crime?
2.5 APR 06, 04:57 PM
"$1,000 reward for the woman's identity"

I always thought there were cameras out there to catch license plates.

Also, very fuzzy but, Beretta 92 perhaps?

Also, maybe she paid for the "special" kids meal package?

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steve308 APR 06, 08:26 PM
Not happy getting an impossible burger when she wanted real beef?
IMSA GT APR 06, 08:43 PM
Looks like she's firing an old Luger.
randye APR 06, 08:43 PM
Where do I claim my reward money?

fierofool APR 06, 08:52 PM

Originally posted by IMSA GT:

Looks like she's firing an old Luger.

Yes, the muzzle does resemble that of the Luger military issue. Short nose.

2.5 APR 07, 10:37 AM
Still looks like a Beretta M9 /92 to me. That black frame behind it, and lights shining on it messes with it though. I only see the pic though, havent seen a vid.

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MidEngineManiac APR 07, 10:40 AM
Ruger makes a .22 LR Luger look-alike.