Shownus what you’re Making! (Page 1/1)
TheDigitalAlchemist APR 05, 08:13 PM
Any of you guys making stuff? Let’s see it!

williegoat APR 05, 08:43 PM
The stuff I make looks like this:

And sounds like this:

sourmash APR 05, 09:00 PM
I'm making love out of nothing at all.
IMSA GT APR 05, 09:43 PM
I can't really show it but I'm running a 7ft column still making 195 proof liquor. In a few weeks I'll be running a pot still with a thump keg filled with apples for some nice apple liquor.
MidEngineManiac APR 05, 10:53 PM
Custom pistol stand. Last piece is running now, Ill post a pic tomorrow when its assembled.
williegoat APR 05, 11:03 PM
The last things that I actually made were a Cigar box guitar and Kalimba.

MidEngineManiac APR 07, 08:05 AM
Needs finishing and assembly still. Turned out damn good for a 1st prototype. Hex thing is a mount for a Bell and Howell tac light. The only tweak I need to do before I post the STL is move the grip braces a little further apart. I printed it on draft settings hence the BAD layer lines. Meh, they sand out pretty quick.

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