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MidEngineManiac APR 03, 09:21 AM
sourmash APR 03, 09:53 AM
Sorry, but wasn't the science settled on this that it's just a vehicle the elites are using to manipulate the masses into sacrificing freedoms?

Rense Radio and Republic Broadcasting have a lot of shows I listen to until the topic is covid. They're just beating the dead horse.
maryjane APR 03, 01:34 PM

an excerpt:

"From MD to ND

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is, in my opinion, a naturopath now. He charges USD 750 for a natural health consultation (and $1,750 for the premium package). He has stated that technological advances in medicine are only superior to natural methods “if your bone is sticking out of your skin”; that it’s wrong to be synthesizing drugs; and that we should simply rely on natural molecules whose safety, he claims, is known. And like naturopaths, Kaufman sees toxins everywhere. He thinks we get them from clothes, shampoo and the food supply. Urinary tract infections, he believes, can be caused by toxins in the rectum that “translocate” to the urinary system. So naturally, he recommends “cleansings” to many people writing in with questions. These mysterious toxins and our rituals to purify ourselves from them remind me of the demons and exorcisms of old, and if you think that’s a stretch, Kaufman, a psychiatrist who has done work in the criminal justice system in the past, thinks “demon possession may actually be a factor in some mental illness” like schizophrenia. Many of the comments on his live streams display a strong religious fervour—“Yes demons are for real” and “Just walk with Christ and you are save [sic] even if they kill you!”—so much so that you would think you were watching the world’s most unflappable preacher.

But Kaufman is not content to embrace naturopathy and deny the existence of germs: he has to imply that this pandemic just doesn’t add up. He has called lockdowns a form of “house arrest” and “martial law”, taking away people’s right to assemble and right to religion. He has claimed (erroneously) that vaccines are “syringes full of poison” and that masks simultaneously have pores too big to block the “virus” (whatever that means for him) but small enough to significantly reduce your oxygen supply, which makes no scientific sense. He rhetorically asks the question, “Who wears masks?”, but does not answer it with “doctors, dentists, nurses.” “People who are hiding something,” he says, “people who are being dishonest, people who are thieves.” He lost his remaining part-time doctor job recently for refusing to wear a mask and has since been leading a group of unmasked people into local businesses to make a stand.

He worries this “manufactured crisis” has a goal, which is to make people reliant on government handouts, a common conspiracist belief of the “freedom” reactionaries. To put icing on this martyrdom cake, he has tied Bill Gates to the eugenics movement and was featured on London Real, a video channel making millions of dollars promoting self-help and conspiracy theories, thanks to former guest David Icke, who believes reptilian alien-human hybrids secretly run the world. Kaufman thought this interview was such a treat, he wore a suit and tie for it."
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MeM, did you eat a lot of fruitcake over the Holidays?
jetman APR 07, 07:52 PM
I've never seen a pandemic that needed a fully coordinated publicity campaign before, just saying.
rinselberg APR 07, 08:21 PM

Originally posted by jetman:
I've never seen a pandemic that needed a fully coordinated publicity campaign before, just saying.

Seems like a moot point, unless someone were alive in 1918.

Is there anyone here who has experienced a pandemic, except for Covid?

There are articles online (not hard to find) about the Influenza pandemic of 1918 and the stories echo some of what has been happening here, in the U.S., with Covid. People going against each other about face masks. Cities that heeded the advice of the infectious disease experts of the time, and fared better than cities that did not.

I find that a puzzling remark.

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williegoat APR 07, 08:43 PM
There were at least two songs, and probably more that I just don't know about, written about the 1918 pandemic.
I think these were written and recorded closer to 1930, though. I will see what I can learn.

edit: The Blind Willie Johnson song was recorded in Dallas, Dec.5, 1928

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maryjane APR 07, 09:27 PM

Originally posted by jetman:

I've never seen a pandemic that needed a fully coordinated publicity campaign before, just saying.

Were you not around in the 50s when polio was rampant? Radio ads, newspaper and other print headlines, speakers in every school, posters on store fronts and entrance doors, Presidents making national speeches about it.
March of Dimes was a huge thing back then, and before.
[url= Aw&bih=486&biw=1074]March of Dimes[/url]

Never got mail with Christmas Seals on them?

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