C9 to return to front engine apparently... (Page 1/2)
htexans1 APR 02, 01:34 AM

A few journalists are saying the C9 is going back to
A front engine rear drive like most previous versions of Corvettes
Before the C8. They also claims C2 split window may return in the C9.

They just got the mid engine layout and now it’s

“Back to the future” apparently.

FriendGregory APR 02, 02:35 AM
Ugh, I am about 3 years from being able to buy expensive things and not have it matter. Aaagh!
blackrams APR 02, 08:47 AM
Obviously, the design depends on one's perspective but, I'm disappointed they don't want to work on the mid-engine design to work out his concerns. Seems such a waste to me to go backwards. But, that's my perspective.

sourmash APR 02, 08:51 AM
It's like the metric system result. Some were too dumb, most were too lazy and some were too arrogant to change.

The GM management is too dumb. The Corvette community doesn't want a mid-engine. The car will be electric in the near future anyway, so why go front engine?
Raydar APR 02, 10:06 AM
Ummm... published on April 1st?
They've got a months-long waiting list for C8s. Not gonna happen.
Hank is Here APR 02, 10:17 AM
I am disappointed that the next Vette will not be 4WD with with a turbo 4 cylinder ( ike the now offer in the Silverado) and a CVT and the Cadillac super crusie drive system. I expect my design proposal to be offered to the public for sale by April 1st next year.
sourmash APR 02, 10:30 AM
Published on the 1st? Now it makes sense.
olejoedad APR 02, 11:59 AM
Click bait automotive website.

The National Enquirer of automotive news.
cvxjet APR 02, 12:10 PM
The next (C9) Vette........Drive by wires......

2.5 APR 06, 05:24 PM
Also heard it might not be a Chevy.
Vette becoming "its own". Another April fools?

I don't care for the big ol' backend on the C8's body, would be happy to see it change at least in appearance. As for engine placement, Fiero got its extra attention already from it going mid , I'll never own a new Vette so I'm actually indifferent to what they do.

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