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randye APR 21, 02:12 PM

Originally posted by maryjane:

Your desk is so very tidy and neat compared to mine. What is the metallic looking instrument on the left side of the display in front of the pen cup? It looks "medical"

That is a (now "old fashioned"), D battery powered Otoscope. The thing the Dr. uses to look in your ears and nose.

I will show the wife your comment re: my comparably "tidy" desk. She says all the "FLYNs" that I have stuck everywhere looks messy.

("FLYNs" = *Friggin' Little Yellow Notes*), They have become my "short term memory" as I have gotten older.

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84fiero123 APR 21, 04:07 PM

Originally posted by randye:

SSDD applies here as well.

Sitting in my office at home with the blinds closed. Working on writing a 510(k) submission to the FDA for a new medical device, (hip fixation pin).
Goofing off for a few minutes looking at Don's new thread on PFF.

Just to my left of my computer desk shown above is 6' desk that I use as a sort of "mini lab" for my medical device work.

On the glass is a digital caliper and a titanium hip fixation pin, (just like one used to fix Grandma's hip when she falls and breaks it)
The small silver metal "gizmo" in front of the black coffee cup by the desk lamp is a 5X scale model of a medical valve I invented and patented.
To the left of that is my "muslim alarm clock"

This is what I'm seeing for about the next 6-8 hours today...

Now you are beginning to scare me is your real last name Frankenstein ?


Technology is great when it works,
and one big pain in the ass when it doesn't

Detroit iron rules all the rest are just toys.

WBailey1041 APR 22, 12:22 AM
Stupid employees dropped a 400 dollar ladder today. I was HOT enough to melt hell.

screen capture
Blacktree APR 22, 12:39 AM

Originally posted by maryjane:

After last year's garden drowned twice in 2 months, I planted this one on high rows, so it may, but usually all this rain leaches all the nutrients out of the soil and the leaves yellow and stop growing. we'll see

Maybe switch to growing rice? Just an idea...
FieroTony APR 22, 01:56 PM
Got rid of our 1998 - 26' camper and bought this 31' one last week. I've come to the realization that I'm not getting a boat, so this will do. (Got the H-D, so I can't complain too much.)

Actually, it's a nice change of pace and scenery. The time appears to slow down a bit which is nice. And we don't sleep in someone else's bed. We have one daughter left at home, but this sleeps 9 so I'm sure the kids and grandkids will make their way on our weekend trips. Heading to Assateague Island next weekend!!!!!!

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ls3mach APR 22, 05:43 PM

View from across the "lake" at the house I am trying to get my bid in on.
maryjane APR 22, 09:25 PM
looks tranquil, and beautiful. I hope you get it!
Which lake is that?
Stubby79 APR 22, 09:42 PM
Isn't that your house, MJ?
maryjane APR 22, 10:01 PM
With that many trees? Not likely.
williegoat APR 22, 10:39 PM
Today I saw WalMart. I didn't like it.