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dobie1 AUG 31, 11:18 PM
I've been doing a build over on MM since Feb 2014, a few guys have told me I should post over on Pennock's, so I'll try to copy it over Enjoy! My modified Ferrari 288 GTO Project!

I went in a different direction in my 308 build. I finally had the kit attached to my Fiero frame lined up pretty good. But I have caught a bug from a fellow builder Don here in Victoria.
I think I'm going to modify it into a 288 GTO. as I just love the lines.!!
I really like the Koneig modded 308 lower duct and rocker/running boards so I'm going to try to add these to my 288GTO,

Now if I can just figure out how to post pics to this thread!!


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dobie1 AUG 31, 11:53 PM
mrfred8 SEP 01, 12:13 AM
you have to post the actual image link not the photobucket page link

RCR SEP 01, 08:40 AM
Hi Wayne... Thanks for posting here too. Now get back to work.


And for those that cant wait for the pictures:
dobie1 SEP 01, 08:44 PM
Thanks mrfred8 i'll try this again..... posting pics here

Bob I've been working my butt off on the car!! I was glassing all day tying the new and old together.


I copied the link from my computer but it isn't showing up? What am I doing wrong?

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dobie1 SEP 01, 08:57 PM
Ok figured it out, so this is where I started on the project, the kit was produced by EVM Rob one of the contributors on Pennock's
I mounted the body on a 87 Fiero GT that I totally rebuilt front to back. the 3800 SC is out of a 2002 Grand Prix GTP with 50000 Klm's on it trans is a 4t65HD from same donor. I dropped in a medium cam and added a 3.2 pulley with ZZP intercooler and billet fuel logs MDS Ignition module. Coil overs from West Coast Fiero's. The car is running so it can be moved around as needed.

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dobie1 SEP 01, 09:36 PM
My work space is very limited so it has been a challenge to say the least. I started working on the passenger side of the car working from 3D and and pic's on the internet. when I initially started I was using white construction styro as I was unable to find the proper foam but very quickly I found what I needed and was off to the race.

I then decided I really liked the Koening 308 Ferrari lower scoop and running board so decider to incorporate that into my build.
[img] 6_1508110_resized3_zpsc2247f22.jpg[/img]

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dobie1 SEP 01, 10:00 PM
Then I discovered 2 part expanding foam!!! whoa great stuff but messy

Then the sanding and sculpting of the foam

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dobie1 SEP 01, 10:13 PM
The 288 GTO's back end is quite abit different than the 308 and although Rob's 308 kit is similar looking it needed to be modified to make it work for the 288.
The following is the mod I did to the back to make it work for me putting in a 2" drop on the belt line and removing the exhaust area, and building in the new lower valance/ exhaust .There was a twist in the bumper area that also had to be fixed so I did this at at the same time.

Then I had to come up with a new deck lid as again the 288 and 308 are different . The deck lid has not been completed but it will give you a rough idea of where I'm going with it. Later on in the build Aug 2014 I've had to do some other changes (I'll post some pics latter on those changes) as it wasn't fitting correctly.

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PaulJK SEP 02, 12:44 AM
Looks like at least half the radiator is blocked. If it was me, I'd open up the airflow.