F40 replica aka "operation turd polish" (Page 2/61)
MadProfessor8138 MAY 02, 09:31 PM
Is that Turd Ferguson's old car? LMAO
Raydar MAY 03, 06:20 PM

Originally posted by Khw:

You've obviously got a much larger bar of turd polish than I do.

...and a lot more patience than I do.
shemdogg MAY 05, 12:19 AM
Yeah the hood just kills it for me lol. That and the front wheels being almost 3" inside the front wheelwell. The rest of the cars pretty darn close( minus the scoops are too big, the fiero roofline is yuuge compared to the real one, wheels wrong size, interior wasnt done, etc etc). Def not going to be making molds its fiberglass, cut and paste. The trick is getting the lines right so its a 1/99th scale f40 lol. Wheelbase is 3" short. When works dead its dead and I have tons of free time. Just got a buncha work so I wont be able to do anything for a few weeks. Its running reliably now so Ill try to venture to the wheels shop to get the right spaced wheels n tires for it. Yeah im an old fart but def not patient!

Next big thing is cutting the hood every which way but ill have to fab a new hinge setup first. The way the hood hooks to the car now is in my way of cutting the front line and making the scoops bigger. Im going to make a inner hood structure from box tubing that supports the whole hood. The current setup only supports the nose and it makes the rest of the hood pretty flimsy. was almost done fabbing up a rear support structure before work picked up. Thats things so damn heavy the discs in my lower back are starting to bug from lifting it up and down. Gotta get some hood shocks in there hence the new rear frame. Good news is after this week job Ill have the money for rims n a paint job. And work will probably keep me too busy to go buy them lol

More pics soon I hope

Stubby79 MAY 05, 05:45 AM
She might not look so bad after a few beers. And a paper bag. (for yourself)
shemdogg MAY 07, 08:08 PM
Tried that buddy, still looks bad lol. Certain angles the car looks terrible, others it looks ok(better now that ive done so much to it already) W some new wheels and a hood that looks very close to the real deal the car will look good. (and a paint job) Already got all the body lines to match up, door edge to rear panels were 1/2" off. Having trouble finding wheels to fit. I may have to get some wheels w a diff lug pattern and get adapters for them to find something. ive got 16x10 in the front w 205/55 and 16x12 out back w 245/45.

more to come

Neils88 MAY 07, 10:35 PM
Not my favourite style of Ferrari to make a replica of. However, if you've got it running smoothly, then you should be able to make some body improvements with less effort than building from scratch. Just don't try to do it all at once. Fix it a little at a time. I'm looking forward to watching this car evolve over time.
Khw MAY 08, 07:37 PM

Originally posted by liv4God:

Was that listed in the sf bay area craigslist? I think I remember seeing it there for a while.
Good luck on the fix up!

You know, there used to be a shop in Redlands California that did a bunch of these Fiero based kit car builds. I used to drive by it and see partially built Ferrari and Lamborghini kits as well as pretty sharp looking completed kits. Every now and then I'd see them loading them up on a car carrier. Makes me wonder how many of them are still out there and often when I see a kit restore/rebuild thread like this, if maybe that isn't one of the cars that came from that shop.
shemdogg MAY 08, 11:09 PM
This has always been my fav ferrari. I tell people its a fierarri. say it with a new york gangster accent n its sounds right lol. yeah fuggetaboutit wiseguy! Yeah it was on the bay area craigslist. You dont happen to remember the name of that shop? Might be able to find more info on this car. Ive heard there were only 2 or 3 places in Ca doing these. A guy on madmechanics said these kits were made by a company called xillion. I see these kits pretty often, looked like archie was doing them too. Same ugly lines and 300zx headlights. Ive seen some better looking kits but they seem more rare, mine seems pretty common.

Im hacking away at this thing little by little. Work just picked up again but i got a little done in the morning. I set a few layers before work n if I get home early enough ill sand. Heres how I glass, archaic but it works

working on making the quarter window lines better. This thing has sharp edges when its supposed to flow smoothly on the real thing


Larry Nakamura MAY 10, 12:52 AM
Did you purchase it from a guy in Clearlake? If so I know the
guy. Just curious.
Khw MAY 10, 01:40 AM

Originally posted by shemdogg:

You dont happen to remember the name of that shop? Might be able to find more info on this car. Ive heard there were only 2 or 3 places in Ca doing these.

Unfortunately, I don't . That was back in the early to mid 90's. I've searched the web trying to discover it a few times, but while I found the building it was in on google street view, I couldn't find what the name of it was.