F40 replica aka "operation turd polish" (Page 61/61)
shemdogg JAN 03, 09:14 PM
Finally got to pulling the car out and doing a little work. Fired right up and everything working. Good thing I labeled the switches lol. The hood scoops scoop didnt have a nice edge where it touched the hood vent. The voices said to elongate the front and taper in the sides. Worked out good

Just need to finish that up, did a lil work on finishing the roof scoop also. . Got on my cuz to finish the upper wing of the rear spoiler, hopefully that gets done soon. One of my customers has a print shop, and hes making decals for my hood emblems. Didnt know what to put on them, so I went w the family crest. Burned thru a ton of projects so the car will be getting love again soon.

Almost done w my beater trucks paint job, got a new front bumper, lower valence that I added a lip and lights to, and put a 4runner grille on it

Figured out my issue w my devilbiss paint guns lol, theyre junk. Watched a youtube video of a pro trying to use them and out of the box and after several cleanings, even he couldnt get them to spray good. So I got a new gun, the new hf "black widow" hte gun. This things bad arse! Lays down pant like butter perfectly wow luv it!

Painted my wifes friends destroyed honda. No joke 3/8" of bondo on the drivers door

There musta been 3 cans of bondo on that door, last goober didnt even try to pull the dents out. In 15 mins I had the door pulled out where it only needed an1/8 of mud lol.
Did this and my truck in the duplicolor lacquer they sell at kragens. Nice paint dries quick. Dont bother w the lacquer clear tho. I had just shot 2 coats of clear on this car when my cuz came over. First words out of his mouth," whens the clear going on?" Itll be getting a urethane clear on top. Came out perfect tho

And I knocked off a bucket list item, an arcade machine. Didnt want one w one game and always wanted to build my own. Was in a best buy and saw the arcade 1up machines and they look lame! Got this konami box from cl for$200

Got a 22" monitor, some usb encoders, and the buttons/sticks, loaded all my goodies on an old asus laptop, made a mount for the screen and controls, swapped the front doors over and

6300something arcade games on mame(1400 not working, 8k total) every american and japanese console game for the nes, snes, n64, master system, genesis, segacd, turbografix16, neo geo, and probably more on their own loaders.

Concrete pad for the new garage/shop going in friday hopefully!

bjc 350 JAN 04, 01:44 AM
Don't go acting like you haven't been gone for three months. I thought maybe you gave up on us spectators. Great to see you back at it!

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Cannonfeet APR 18, 03:22 PM
Did you decide againsnt changing the rims??