Designing a new dash need a few ideas (Page 1/108)
OH10fiero NOV 01, 11:37 AM
Hello everyone. One of the biggest complaints that I have heard on the Forum is that the Fiero dash is just too out of date for the car. So when I told a friend of mine that I was going to cut up an old worn out dash and redesign it, they said they were interested in possibly offering it to the forum for sale. Now what I need to know is what would YOU change on the dash, how would you like it to look? I would like your input in a few areas such as Gauge location as well as options. Ex. would you like to use the stock gaugues or aftermarket. Speaker options, glove box, so on and so forth. Please do not get too specific, remember we would like to design something that everyone would like to have in thier car. Thanks in advance.
Songman NOV 01, 11:50 AM
The only thing I plan to keep with my custom dash is the stock mounting locations. Everything else has to go!


TBK NOV 01, 11:57 AM
If you did one like this, I would buy it.

'Course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
-TBK (The Black Knight)
'87 GT

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DRA NOV 01, 11:59 AM
Let the buyer choose gauge options, in other words don't precut for any specific gauges. I kind of like the center pod to be slightly angled toward the driver position. I've seen a couple of nice ones already available, are you thinking you can undercut their pricing? Seems like a cluttered market already. Have you considered any current production dashes that may be modified to fit our cars. I was thinking of taking some measurements and comparing to dashes in other cars.
Good luck, and have fun with it!
Automoda NOV 01, 01:32 PM
Does anyone have any idea just what it would cost to cover that Pirana dash? You'd be into that dash more than a SC3800
Pyrthian NOV 01, 01:35 PM
how about 6x9 speaker housings?
DarkRain NOV 01, 03:26 PM
Round speakers!!!!!!! Not oval, they sound bad!
DaRkLoRD NOV 01, 04:16 PM
I love the Piranha interior.. but I think it's a bit TOO modern looking for a stock Fiero.. it'd be great in a Finale/Fino or the Piranha if they're ever produced.

my personal choice for a new dash design, is the 300ZX dash... mmm.


Rounded like the Piranha, nothing precut, driver based, and more 3000GT/Viper than Firebird.


OH10fiero NOV 01, 06:30 PM
Thanks for the responces guys, keep em coming, any and all info will be concidered. Also does anyone have any more shots on the Pihrana interior, need more angles on that one as well as some close ups.